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Lucyd Eyewear Introduces New Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear


MIAMI— Innovative Eyewear, Inc. (“Innovative Eyewear” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: LUCY; LUCYW), the developer of smart eyewear under the Lucyd, Nautica, Eddie Bauer, and Reebok brands, is thrilled to announce the launch of its the Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear collection powered by Lucyd. This new line includes voice access to ChatGPT and introduces the world’s first rimless smart eyewear design.

Lucyd Eyewear Introduces New Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear


Eddie Bauer’s Smart Eyewear collection offers four unique styles, all featuring top-notch polarized sunglass lenses for conquering the outdoors. This groundbreaking line introduces the world’s first rimless smart glasses design, flawlessly combining the company’s advanced tech with a sleek, lightweight look. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that reaches up to 100 feet, crystal-clear microphones, and quad speakers for both music and calls, each pair comes with a patent-pending charging dock. This innovative dock keeps your glasses and up to three other USB-powered devices charged all day long, fueling your adventures.

Eddie Bauer, an iconic and classic fashion brand with a century-long legacy in outdoor apparel, is elevating eyewear with its latest collection, powered by Lucyd’s proprietary innovative technology. “The launch of our Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear line represents a significant milestone in our quest to advance eyewear innovation. Introducing the first-ever rimless smart eyewear, we are not just enhancing style but also transforming the potential of wearable technology,” stated Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear Inc.

Eddie Bauer’s latest eyewear line is a testament to their dedication to blending style with practicality, designed for the contemporary explorer who embodies the spirit of Eddie Bauer. “Our top-tier product to date showcases luxurious finishes, classic frame designs, and advanced technological features, offering an unparalleled smart glass experience. We’re excited to present this new milestone in Eddie Bauer’s journey of innovation to our loyal followers. Staying true to Eddie Bauer’s foundational principle of innovation, we’re eager to advance this legacy with the introduction of our Smart Eyewear, in collaboration with Innovative Eyewear,” expressed Sierra McPhillips, Vice President of Brand at Authentic.

Eddie Bauer has gained global recognition for pioneering and popularizing the iconic goose down jacket, a staple worn by outdoor enthusiasts during their expeditions to renowned destinations like the Appalachian mountains, Antarctica, and Mount Everest. With a legacy rooted in durability, utility, and innovation, Eddie Bauer products have empowered countless individuals to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Building upon this remarkable heritage, Eddie Bauer is now venturing into the realm of smart eyewear in collaboration with Lucyd. Through a partnership with Authentic Brands Group (Authentic), this cutting-edge eyewear collection offers both men and women stylish Smart sunglasses and RX frames. These innovative designs seamlessly integrate ChatGPT, providing users with audio-verbal cues directly to their ears. Harrison Gross, founder and CEO of Innovative Eyewear Inc., expressed enthusiasm for continuing this incredible tradition of innovation with the launch of Eddie Bauer’s smart eyewear line.

Lucyd has been at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the world’s first smart eyewear platform powered by ChatGPT. This groundbreaking technology enables users to interact with artificial intelligence hands-free. With straightforward audio commands, a 12-hour battery life, built-in Bluetooth, and integrated microphones and speakers, our Smart eyewear products empower users to listen to music directly in their ears, handle calls, and even pose questions to ChatGPT or Siri. Harrison Gross continued.

Eddie Bauer’s Smart Eyewear collection prioritizes accessibility and convenience. Soon, it will be accessible through multiple retail channels, including department stores, sports retailers, brick-and-mortar locations, and local optical stores. For those interested, consumers can now order Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear from, where they’ll find a range of prescription and custom lens options.

The Eddie Bauer x Lucyd eyewear collection boasts top-of-the-line features such as high-fidelity Bluetooth 5.2 audio12 hours of music playback per charge, and 99% post-consumer recycled packaging. The designs also feature innovative patent-pending auto-adjusting hinges. Additionally, the collection includes a suite of branded accessories: a wireless charging dock, a leatherette case, a cleaning cloth, and a slipcase, all adorned with the distinguished Eddie Bauer logo.


Velocity – ($229) This forest-green wayfarer is inspired by a fan favorite Eddie Bauer silhouette. This easy-to-wear and familiar style is available in 11 distinct lens colors offering polarized UV400 protection, accompanied by a new titanium nose pad, five barrel hinges, Bluetooth, 12-hour battery life, open-air speakers & microphones, ultimately providing extra durability and superior performance. 

Explorer – ($229) This unique eyewear style boasts several functional and stylish features that provide an unbeatable combination of design and utility. This full-coverage frame is ideal for driving in the open air, whether it’s to a beach, park, or mountain top, offering a great look and feel on a sunny day. 

Navigator – ($249) This lux pilot aviator sunglass style features brushed black titanium hardware and ceramic nose pads embossed with the iconic Eddie Bauer goose. Lightweight, comfortable stylish, and perfect as your go-to pair for prescription wear or sunglass use. These unique nylon Smart sunglasses are also available in nine unique polarized UV400 lens colors. All four Eddie Bauer by Lucyd Smart Eyewear designs come with a charging Doc and cable, providing 12 hours of battery life. 

Horizon – ($249) Introducing the first-ever rimless smartglass in the world, and a stepping-stone into the future of both Eddie Bauer and Lucyd. This incredible frame blends a luxurious, sleek floating lens, with durable matte-finished titanium hardware and sleek style. This unique style features polarized UV400 rimless lenses, making a great sunglass or prescription eyewear product that is sure to protect the user’s eyes from harmful UV rays.  Comes with a charging cordless charging doc, standard charger, and leather case, providing 12 hours of battery life on one single charge. 


Explorer | Rx



Velocity | Rx






Navigator | Rx











Innovative Eyewear is a leading developer and retailer of cutting-edge, ChatGPT-enabled smart eyewear. Our products are available under renowned brands such as Lucyd®, Nautica®, Eddie Bauer®, and Reebok®. Aligned with our mission to Upgrade Your Eyewear®, our Bluetooth audio glasses provide a safe and ergonomic way for users to stay connected to their digital lives. With hundreds of frame and lens combinations, we cater to the diverse needs of the optical market.


Eddie Bauer, the renowned outdoor brand, has been a source of inspiration, empowerment, and adventure for over 100 years. Their enduring commitment to quality is evident in their range of performance outerwear, apparel, footwear, accessories, and gear are available at and more than 260 stores in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and other international markets.

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