Health & Safety Statement

Smart eyewear is a safer alternative to earbuds and headphones for enhanced situational awareness.

In the information age, the desire to stay connected while on the go is common. However, this pursuit of connectivity often comes at the expense of personal safety, especially during outdoor activities like walking, jogging, running, and cycling. Traditional headphones and earbuds, while offering immersive audio experiences, block out ambient sounds, hindering situational awareness and increasing the risk of accidents. We believe that open ear audio glasses, on the other hand, may provide a safer alternative, allowing users to enjoy music or podcasts while maintaining awareness of their surroundings.

Pedestrian injuries have been on a steady rise in recent years, with distracted walking, particularly due to music listening, identified as a major contributing factor. A 2021 study published in the journal "Injury Prevention" found that distracted pedestrians were four times more likely to put themselves at risk compared to those who were not distracted. The study also noted that the use of headphones or earbuds was a significant predictor of distraction.

Open ear audio glasses address this issue by delivering sound through tiny speakers positioned near the ears, leaving the ear canals open. This allows users to hear ambient sounds, such as traffic noise, approaching sirens, or conversations with fellow pedestrians, without compromising on their audio experience. This enhanced situational awareness is crucial for preventing accidents and maintaining personal safety.

In addition to improved safety, open ear audio glasses offer several other benefits for outdoor activities. Unlike traditional headphones, which can cause discomfort and ear fatigue, open ear glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. They are also less prone to falling off, making them ideal for activities like running or cycling. The added benefit of UV and blue light protection provide additional benefits to vision. Although Lucyd glasses are not a replacement for hearing aids, some Lucyd customers with hearing issues such as tinnitus and partial hearing loss have reported a more satisfactory listening experience compared to headphones.

Open ear audio glasses may offer a safer and more enjoyable alternative to traditional headphones and earbuds for outdoor activities. By allowing users to maintain situational awareness, open ear glasses help to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of pedestrian injuries. Their lightweight design, comfort, and additional safety features make them an ideal choice for those who want to stay connected while staying safe outdoors.

A report from the US Congress' Office of Compliance points to several dangers of phone use by pedestrians, which are all mitigated by use of Lucyd eyewear:

  • Looking at your phone screen causes inattention to your surroundings.
  • Texting while walking further reduces situational awareness.
  • In-ear headphones reduce awareness and can cause advance hearing loss.

All three of these have been shown to cause bodily harm to pedestrians in the report. Lucyd eyewear can help you access information without looking away from the street, text without losing focus by dictating text messages verbally, and listen to music without obstructing your hearing.

A recent research study from the University of Florida estimates nearly 30,000 US cases of distracted walking injuries due to smartphone use between 2011-2019. Additionally, the report found that older people were more susceptible to walking injuries during smartphone use due to impairment of locomotor functions.

Overall, the evidence suggests that open-ear audio technology is a safer and more effective way to listen to music or podcasts while walking, jogging, running, or cycling. Open-ear audio technology can help to reduce the risk of pedestrian injuries by allowing users to maintain situational awareness.

In addition to the benefits of open-ear audio, Lucyd provides several specialty lenses that offer additional eye protection. Lucyd offers a polycarbonate lens that is fully impact resistant for sports and industrial settings, as well as various types of blue light and UV blocking lenses to prevent long-term wear on the eye due to exposure to bright sunlight and digital displays.

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