Need an Rx or specialty lens? We got you.

Lucyd audio eyewear is available with dozens of different custom lenses, in any prescription or tint. Watch the video for a quick guide on how to order in your prescription. Scroll down to read more about all of the different lens types we offer.

For non-Rx customers, you can jump straight to our Sunglass Collection, tap the frame you like, and choose your lenses.

Lens Ordering Tutorial Video

Our new signature transitional and transitional blue light blocking lenses. Clear indoors and tints rapidly to a sunglass outdoors.

Our new signature lens offers a gorgeous smooth gradient finish and maximum sun protection. This is the default non-Rx lens available at no extra cost with all frames. Also available in Black and Brown in any Rx.

A dark, solid color lens that tints your vision the chosen color. Maximum sun protection. Available in Black, Ban Green and Brown in any Rx.

A stunning full-mirror finish that fully obscures your eyes. Maximum sun protection. Available in Silver, Gold, Red, Sunburst, Green and Blue in any Rx.

A full tint sunglass ideal for users who like to use digital displays like laptops and phones outdoors. Does not have the screen distortion associated with polarized lenses. Available in Black, Ban Green and Brown in any Rx.

Our most affordable prescription lens, made of durable CR39 plastic with an included anti-reflective, scratch resistant coating. Available in 1.5, 1.6, and 1.67 index, starting at just $40.

A clear 20% blue light filtering lens, ideal for reducing screen fatigue. Available in any Rx. Shop non-Rx Blue Lights with the button below, or use the Select Lenses button on Prescription frame pages to choose Blue Light.

A deep amber haze master lens ideal for maximum protection from screen fatigue. A high-contrast lens, some users also enjoy it on the golf course. Available in any Rx.

A shatterproof, impact-resistant lens ideal for sport and industrial environments. Slightly less clarity than our standard clear lens. Available in any Rx.

Fun fashion lenses that tint your vision the chosen color, but provide minimal sun protection. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Pink in any Rx.