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Beach Walking with Ted Rubin and Lucyd Lytes Bluetooth Glasses

Ted Rubin is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Author, Speaker, Provocateur… Photofy CMO and sits on various Advisory Boards. We sent him a pair of the Lytes to try because he is someone that is always on the go!


I moved to Pompano Beach, FL almost 5 years ago... and although there are many reasons to move to Florida, weather, lifestyle, taxes, cost-of-living... my primary reason was to be within walking distance of the beach. I love being near the beach, it renews me, and is one of the only places I can truly "breath," look within myself, and relax. I love nature and the mountains, but for me there is just something about the beach and the ocean. I do a lot daily, and before the pandemic I traveled just about every week or so, so proximity for me is so important... the ability to walk 3-5 minutes (any time of day) and experience something that allows my constantly on-go mind to feel at home and grounded, is invaluable. But, like us all I have a lot going on, always feeling a need to be "accomplishing" and want to do all this AND find time for experiencing my inner peace. So I walk and sit on the beach with Airpods in my ears... talking on the phone, listening to audio books, podcasts, etc., and music. The problem is it's missing something. So carving out the kind of beach time I truly treasure isn't always easy, and it's missing something, because for me it's more than just having my feet in the sand, and the views, but about the sounds... the sound of the wind, of the ocean, and the occasional scream of delight of a child. That's what completes the experience for me.

Enter Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses...

Now I can hear everything going on around me, and what a difference it makes. When I first heard about the idea I thought... no big deal, another toy to add to the collection, but I was wrong. I am now addicted to I now feel embedded in my surroundings, "a part" of the beach, instead of simply "being at" the beach. I wish I was a better writer and had the words to help you understand... instead you will need to either take my word for it, or grab a pair and find out for yourself. I suggest the latter 😎


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