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Are Audio Sunglasses Worth it?

Audio Glasses

This year, so many consumers have learned the joy of busting out of the front door and straight into the great outdoors. Remote workplaces have afforded us a level of flexibility that has turned every park bench and pine forest into an office. Everyone is getting outside, and the last thing we want is to feel weighed down once we hit the trail.

Audio sunglasses to the rescue! 

These days, it feels like you need to consult a packing list before leaving the house. When you consider the effort it takes to keep track of every tiny earbud on arrival, it almost makes more sense just to stay home. Audio Eyewear solves that problem, and you'll look stylish from start to finish.

Are you interested in learning the scoop about this trending Bluetooth tech craze? Read on to find out more about the coolest high-tech features that make Lucyd Smart Eyewear worth it.

Take Your Music to Go

biking with audio glasses

Show of hands: how many of you have panicked at least once because you thought you'd lost one of your absurdly expensive wireless earbuds out in the wild somewhere? As technology gets smarter, it seems to be getting smaller. While that may be helpful for the meticulous music lover, it makes life harder for the average music or podcast fan. 

Chances are, if you're headed out for a jog, hike, or bike ride, your favorite sunglasses are already coming with you. Lucyd Smart glasses come in two trendy frame shapes: a bold wayfarer and a contemporary round frame. What if your new favorite eyewear had built-in headphones? 

If you're imagining some horrific contraption with the earbuds dangling from the glasses, get that image out of your head! The speakers in Lucyd Smart Eyewear are flush into each arm. They allow for open-ear playback, so you can remain aware of your surroundings no matter where you're listening. 

All you need to do to get rocking on your run is connect your glasses to your phone's Bluetooth. The glasses come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, making them compatible with all the latest phones on the market. After phone pairing, press "play" on your favorite streaming app, and you'll get to enjoy your tunes. 

Depending on the volume setting you choose, you can keep your listening session intimate or play music louder at a volume that may be overhead by others. 

Your New Mobile Office

mobile office using bluetooth glasses

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy - but Jack needs to work sometime if he's going to afford the latest tech trends! So why not combine work and play by taking your work calls al fresco? Just grab your Lucyd Smart glasses, and you can answer calls without fumbling for your phone.

Because Lucyd headphones connect via Bluetooth, you can also use them to answer the phone. You can have an entire conversation, for business or pleasure, with the touch of a single button. The noise-canceling mic embedded into both arms means that your client will have no idea you're not laboring away behind a desk under institutional lighting!

Outgoing calls work just fine, too. You can use your Lucyd Smart glasses to interact with your phone's voice assistant and call anyone in your phonebook with a single voice command. If you're not in a chatty mood, you can catch up on voicemails while strolling along under the sun.

A Vision of the Future

Nobody wants to drag half their house along when they're enjoying an active day outdoors. If you're a prescription glasses wearer, you know the struggle of having to bring prescription sunnies along and swapping throughout the day. Who wants to look like a spy when they step indoors?

Lucyd smart glasses solve that problem, too. You can order a pair of standard sunglasses or include your prescription. 

You're not limited to standard, easy prescriptions, either. You can get your Lucyd glasses equipped with progressive lenses, transition lenses, or even readers. All glasses come with polarized lenses, but you can order as many kinds of lenses as you want and swap them out on the go! 

Are you interested in blue-light-blocking lenses for the office? How about violet or sunburst polarized lenses for Instagram or other social media? There is an option for just about every style, fashionable and/or practical!

Considering the frames contain Bluetooth technology and built-in speakers, they are surprisingly sleek! Your standard pair of wayfarers weighs only 1.26 oz! 

Whether you need your glasses to see or simply want the world to see you in your trendy glasses, you will look and feel great in a pair of Lucyd Lyte or Lucyd RX frames. Every pair includes a full range of tech features, regardless of frame or lens style. 

Are Audio Sunglasses Worth It?

If you're looking to cut down on the number of things you need to keep track of all day long, a pair of audio sunglasses make it easy to head out the door feeling lighter. You can listen to music or make calls without taking out your phone or removing your glasses.

Lucyd smart glasses are an excellent, trendy choice for anyone, with so many applications for both work and play.

Are you ready to make the switch? Lucyd glasses come in two styles: Lucyd Lyte (audio sunglasses) and Lucyd RX (prescription glasses). You can order either pair in round or wayfarer frames in one of sixteen stunning colors.

Browse the shop to find your ideal combination today and see for yourself why these glasses are trending across the world!

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