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A Traveling GenX’er Enjoying the Bluetooth Glasses Experience

Guest post from Michael Fraser

I’m just a 70’s kid pushing 50 that has always loved to travel. Meeting new people, seeing new places are experiences that can’t be taken away from you. Traveling as a kid though did have its challenges, especially in the car with the parents, but thanks to technology everything keeps evolving for the better. I remember records transforming into eight-track cartridges, which sucked, but opened the door for the more reliable and smaller cassette tapes. The first taste of travel freedom was when I saved up my own lawn-mowing money and purchased the Sony Walkman. I no longer had to listen to whatever my parents were listening to in the car. More freedom came years later when Apple’s iPod allowed me to literally convert every single CD in my adult music collection and upload it. The iPhone and the app revolution took it to another level. 

Recently I experienced another “aha moment” when I received my Lucyd Lytes bluetooth glasses. This time, I was looking for something that didn’t block me off from my surroundings, like traditional headphones. Consuming content on-the-go is part of my everyday life now whether it’s music, audio books, or just using my phone hands-free with Siri and Alexa.

Recently, I traveled down to Clearwater Beach to visit family, so this was my first real chance to test and play with my Lucyd Lytes. Airports are stressful, congested, and it always seems like you're in someone’s way, especially when you have headphones or earbuds in. Well, my Lytes reduced the airport stress by allowing me to play my music at a low volume, but keeping more connected to the environment I was walking in. People passing by didn’t know I was listening to music, and even when a person asked me where the restrooms were, they still didn’t know I had my music on. AND I could hear them clearly, with no awkward “I’m sorry what did you say?” Did I mention while walking to my gate, I received a phone call. Just a quick tap on my bluetooth audio glasses I was able to talk and continue walking without breaking stride. My phone stayed in my pocket and my hands were free. Now that gave me that “tech-travel freedom” I mentioned earlier!

Top 5 Benefits of Traveling with Smart Glasses

  1. Open ear audio that allows you to be present in your environment
  2. Bluetooth connection to your phone accessing Siri and Alexa’s voice commands
  3. Swappable extra lenses - I brought my indoor blue light and outdoor sunglass lenses
  4. Hands-free for bags and suitcases
  5. Bluetooth connection with my MacBook Pro for mobile work

“I was at our hotel’s pool, which was not that far from our room, enjoying the sun with my speaker sunglasses on. I tapped on the side button and it started playing a Spotify playlist, while my phone was back in our room… How cool is that?”

As I watch my “boomer” parents struggle with technology and scoff at it, I’ll always take the opposite approach. I used to joke with an old heidelberg press operator back in the 90’s by telling him “I’ll never fight the future.”  when I’m your age. Now I am his age and embracing all the new tech.

Do yourself a favor and order some Lucyd Lytes today!

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