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A Look at The World’s Lightest Smart Eyewear

Smart glasses are a great productivity tool that can keep you connected to friends, associates, and family members. You can even jam out to your favorite tunes while wearing high-quality smart eyewear!

But many glasses can leave noticeable impressions and indentations around the nose bridge. Fortunately, one of the lightest smart eyewear options available can reduce the chance of developing these annoying marks.

Let's find out why you might want to invest in a pair of lightweight custom smart glasses!

Lightest Smart Eyewear Options

There are quite a few lightweight smart glasses. However, choosing the best pair for your needs often depends on your preferences.

For example, you could select eyewear that features fashionable designer styling. This option is bound to complement any outfit, helping you feel more confident and comfortable.

However, if you enjoy playing sports and being active outdoors, vogue might not be your top priority. Fortunately, there are also athlete-friendly smart glasses with wraparound frames for improved stability.

Let's explore some of Lucyd's top innovative eyewear options to illustrate how some of the lightest eyewear options differ. For example, there are three primary models from which to include:

  1. Lucyd Lyte
  2. Lucyd Lyte Titanium
  3. Lucyd Lyte Sport

Before we delve into each model, it's essential to mention that each pair of glasses features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a simple two-button control system, and a noise-canceling built-in microphone.

Consequently, any of these options could be an excellent choice if you're looking for a capable and aesthetically pleasing pair of smart glasses.

But in terms of design variety, it's hard to find anything more impressive than the original Lucyd Lyte.

Lucyd Lyte

smart eyewear

If you're looking for an optimal blend of simplicity, style, and practicality, the Lucyd Lyte might be for you. It's a straightforward pair of specs that's available in six eye-catching styles. 

Though this model isn't the most lightweight type of Lucyd smart glasses, it is relatively light and effortless to use. No matter which design you fall in love with, these glasses are bound to keep you connected.

However, if you've only got eyes for the most lightweight pair of smart glasses, you'll want to consider the titanium-based model.

Lucyd Lyte Titanium

Lucyd Lyte Titanium

Lucyd Lyte Titanium smart glasses are the lightest option, and they're also incredibly fashionable. Made of flexible and durable titanium, these glasses come in several aviator-style designs.

Remember, not all smart glasses are made for office-only use.

Some, like the Lucyd Lyte Titanium glasses, are both versatile and stylishly crafted. Still, having a handsome pair of smart glasses might not be your top priority. Athletes, in particular, may prefer stability over style.

Lucyd Lyte Sport

Lucyd Lyte Sport

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle? If so, you may struggle to find a pair of smart glasses that remain stable during exercise. But fortunately, there are the Lucyd Lyte Sport smart glasses.

This pair has a distinctly sporty design that helps keep the frame stable during physical activity. So whether you're jogging, lifting weights, or doing some yoga, these glasses will stay put!

Custom Lenses and Stylish Frames

Individuals that rely on prescription eyeglasses don't need to sacrifice their vision to enjoy smart glasses. When you order a pair of Lucyd Lyte glasses, you have the option to upload your prescription and add it to the order.

This way, you'll enjoy optimal vision correction and all the advantages of your smart specs. Long gone are the days of straining to read or see while using smart glasses.

With Lucyd, you can enjoy Bluetooth frames that are easy-to-use and corrective. Still, prescription lenses are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lucyd Lyte lens options.

Lucyd Lyte Lenses

If you enjoy colored or tinted lenses, you'll be glad to know that there are several lenses to choose from when purchasing Lucyd eyewear. From 'Red Mirror' to 'Clear Anti-Reflective,' there's a color for you.

Some examples of the colored lenses you can select include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Transitions
  • Gold Mirror
  • Silver Mirror
  • Polarized UV400

You can even pick up a few extra Lucyd lenses if you'd like to switch things up from time to time. And in addition to having your pick of lenses, you'll also be able to choose from plenty of frame styles.

Lucyd Lyte Frame Options

Sadly, many smart eyewear devices only come in one or two styles. This can make it challenging to pair your smart glasses with your outfits. You might also feel uncomfortable in a one-size-fits-all model.

That's why Lucyd offers a wide variety of frame styles. In total, shoppers can browse from a dozen distinct looks, including:

  • Starman
  • Antimatter
  • Nitrous
  • Eclipse
  • Darkside
  • Moonbeam

This number dramatically increases when you consider how many different lens pairings you can enjoy. And because Lucyd Lyte eyewear is comparatively affordable, you could invest in multiple pairs!

Imagine having a dedicated pair of smart glasses for every style or activity. You could make this daydream a reality by choosing your favorite Lucyd Lyte combinations today. Which frames and lenses will you choose?

Choose Lucyd Custom Smart Glasses

Are you searching for the lightest and most compatible smart glasses? If so, you might want to consider investing in a pair of Lucyd Lyte eyewear. There are three excellent models from which to choose, each with great features.

If you wear prescription eyewear, you'll be glad to know that you can customize Lucyd smart glasses by installing prescription lenses. You can also choose from a wide variety of stylish frames and non-prescription lenses. 

Be sure to use our store locator to find a Lucyd eyewear retailer near you!

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