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>> Top Three Ways To Improve Your Virtual Meeting Experience With One Product
>> Three Ways to Improve Your Connected Experience Using Lucyd Lyte

Since the pandemic began, many of us have been glued to our devices, trying to make the best of virtual communication to connect with colleagues, clients, family and friends. Many of us now attend virtual meetings every day, sometimes, a lot more than one would like but as our world continues to evolve and adapt to this new found “normal,” virtual meetings are here to stay AND have even been found to increase productivity and work-life-balance. 

Zoom Call with Lucyd Lytes

From Zoom to Clubhouse, doctors appointments, work and schooling, every aspect of our lives have transformed to meet this new digital norm, but what can we do to optimize the experience for the better?

In comes the Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth glasses. Designed with connectivity and safety in mind, read on for three ways the newest Lucyd Lyte frames are changing the way we experience this virtual world while live, work and play.

  1. A connected experience without distractions
    Whether you’re taking calls from your home office or on the back patio, the Lucyd Lyte’s sound quality and audio clarity make tuning in a breeze. No more missing out on important information shared when the audio is directly in your ear. Plus, as programs like Clubhouse gain in popularity within the digital landscape, you can host your own chat rooms directly from the hottest in innovative eyewear! 
  2. Blueblocker and UV protection for harmful screen and sun ray
    Unfortunately, most of us can’t escape having to use computers, tablets and phones in our everyday life. If you’ve ever felt like your eyes were dry and tired after a long day of staring at a computer screen – you’re not alone.
    Luckily, the Lucyd Lyte lenses come with the option to add Blublocker technology (and Rx scripts) as well as UV protection.
  3. Safely transition outdoors and away from your desk
    We’re all for a connected experience, but at what point does our environment then become a distraction, or worse yet, a safety hazard? We all need to break away from our desks so taking your virtual calls during an outdoor walk or cycling is a must!

    Since there is nothing in or on your ears, you’re able to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. So, breathe in the cool air and crush that next business call while getting your steps in! 

Convinced and want to try for yourself? Head to to design your own and let us know what you think by tagging @golucyd across social media for a chance to be featured.

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