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Why Bluetooth Sunglasses are the Best Father’s Day Gift for Cyclists

Father's Day gift for cyclists

In 2020, bike sales were predicted to double the rate of the year before. In America, cycling is quickly becoming one of the most common activities for leisure, exercise, and even transportation to and from work.

If your dad is an avid cyclist, you're probably in the market for the perfect father's day gift for cyclists. Chances are, he has all the safety equipment and basic gear covered. What does that leave you with?

We're here to tell you that our Bluetooth sunglasses are absolutely perfect for cyclists--and if you buy a pair for Dad, he'll be thanking you for years to come!

Read on to learn more about our Bluetooth sunglasses and why they're going to make a great gift for dads who cycle.

Hands-Free and Cord-Free Listening Is Safest for Cyclists

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Just like automobile drivers, cyclists need to keep their hands free when they're going for a ride. Even if you
can ride one-handed doesn't mean that you should, especially when you need to stay vigilant for the unexpected bumps in the road. With Bluetooth sunglasses, you can enjoy all of the listening activities you'd get with your phone--including taking phone calls--without using your hands.

One thing that cyclists have to worry about that drivers don't is the use of cords.

Many cyclists use headphones to free up their hands while riding, but corded headphones present their own hazards. Corded headphones can get caught on a cyclist's handlebars or worse, fall from their ears and get caught on the pedals or in their bicycle's wheels. Bluetooth sunglasses are completely cordless during use, which eliminates these concerns.


Bluetooth Sunglasses Make Music Accessible for Cyclists

It's no secret that cycling, especially in a high-traffic location, comes with certain risks. Cyclists have to be aware at all times of the other cyclists, cars, and pedestrians around them. That means that all senses need to be in use--and that includes hearing. 

13% of cyclist accidents occur due to biker error. That can mean that the cyclist didn't follow the rules of the road but most commonly, it means that the cyclist was distracted.

Bluetooth sunglasses make it possible for cyclists to listen to music (or other audio, like podcasts or audiobooks) without essentially plugging their ears. This technology actually transmits sound intra-cranially. That means that whatever audio you play is traveling to the inner ear without blocking your ability to hear the noises around you--which means Dad can enjoy his cycling trips without risking his safety.

Waiting for a Call While You're on Your Bike? Bluetooth Sunglasses Have You Covered

Bluetooth sunglasses receive audio from your smartphone device and can pick up just about any audio that your phone can. Plus, they have a built-in speaker that will pick up the wearer's own voice. That means that you can do more than just listen--you can talk on the phone.

We live in a plugged-in world, and that means that everyone--from your family members to your boss--expects to be able to reach you at any given time. With a safer way to stay plugged in, Dad can go for longer, more relaxed rides knowing that if anyone needs him, they'll be able to reach him.

Our Bluetooth Sunglasses Are Prescription

Bluetooth sunglasses don't just solve the issue of accessing audio on the road or the trail. They also provide protection from the sun for sensitive eyes. This can improve visibility and protect eye health for active individuals.

With our Bluetooth sunglasses, this protection is provided even for prescription lens wearers. That's right, we can custom make lenses that fit Dad's prescription so that he can swap out his usual glasses for sunglasses. All you have to do is provide us with Dad's most recent lens prescription, and we'll take care of the rest.

(Note that we strongly suggest using a prescription that is no more than one year old. However, we will accept prescriptions that are up to two years old. This policy is to ensure that all of our buyers are wearing glasses that are best suited to their needs.)

If You're Interested, Both You and Dad Can Join the Lucyd Family

Have you ever loved a product so much that you feel like you are advertising it to friends and family for free? When you love Lucyd Bluetooth sunglasses, you have the opportunity to advertise it--and actually make some money while you're doing it!

If you are interested in becoming a Lucyd affiliate or reseller, you can contact us at and we will get you started. What could be better than spreading the word about a product you use and love and bringing in some money in the process? 

(Speaking of money, Lucyd also offers installment payment plans. That means that you can order Dad's Bluetooth sunglasses in time for Father's Day and pay them off on your own schedule.)

Looking for the Perfect Father's Day Gift for Cyclists? We've Got You Covered

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular activity, and dads are in on the cycling action! If your dad is an avid cyclist, it may be difficult to figure out what gear he needs to improve his cycling time. Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth sunglasses are the perfect father's day gift for cyclists!

Ready to learn more about Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth sunglasses? Wondering how you can send us a prescription for custom Bluetooth sunglasses? Check out our tutorials to learn more about the Lucyd experience.

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