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How to get a free eye test without vision insurance as an adult

What Does An Eye Test Cost Without Insurance?

Run of the mill eye tests can vary in price. Depending on where you are in the
country, whether you are a new or returning customer, and what your pre-
existing conditions are can bring about prices anywhere between $70 and $250.
Eye vision retailers are typically at the lower end of this spectrum, with
organizations such as Costco, Target and Walmart all offering eye tests beneath
$100. Whereas you will find that private ophthalmologists or private physicians
offices charge between $200 and upwards per eye test.
That being said, the average cost of an eye test without insurance is currently
around $95.

Can I Get A Free Eye Test As An Adult?

There is no shortage of organizations that will support children, seniors and vulnerable people with free or low cost eye tests; but what if you don’t fit into

any of those categories? You might be asking yourself if there are any options
available to you.
The good news is that if you are on a low income there are nationally available
programs that can facilitate free eye tests, and even if you are not on low
income, these programs may be able to assist you in getting a low-cost eye test.

What Programs Help With Eyecare Costs?

There are five primary programs that have nationwide coverage in helping
people to get free or low cost eyecare. They are:

EyeCare America

EyeCare America aims its support primarily towards helping seniors and elderly
people who may be struggling to afford their routine eye inspections. If you are
aged 65 and over then EyeCare America can provide you free eye tests to help
you identify if you are at risk of cataracts or macular degeneration among other
conditions. Equally, EyeCare America offers free eye exams to people who are
not on an insurance program, at any age if they are medically at a higher risk of
developing glaucoma. However it should be noted that neither of these free
offerings include prescriptions for eyeglasses.

Eyes Of Hope

Eyes Of Hope is a program run by Vision Service Plan that enables adults on
incomes that are less than double the federal poverty line, with no vision
insurance and over the age of 19 to access free eye examinations through the
provision of a gift certificate. Gift Certificates can be applied for through the
website, or through one of the mobile VSP network clinics.

State Health Programs

Many states across America have public health programs that offer free eye
exams to people who are considered to be in need. One such state health
program is Vision NC - but many many others are available. These state health
programs typically work with social services and non-profits to deliver their
services; and are largely delivered based on level of need. If you have a social
services case worker, or are in contact with another type of state representative you should reach out and see what the options are for your state, and if you are

Lions Club

The Lions Club is a charity network with over 1.4 million members, and a hugely
diverse scope of support and programs to help people in various ways. One of
the key focuses of the Lions Club is to make eye care affordable and accessible
for as many people in need as possible. Through recycling eyeglasses and gifted
time by their members, The Lions Club can provide free eye care exams if you
meet their minimum criteria. Contact your local brand and ask them if they
would be willing to fund your next eye exam and learn what further and
additional support they may be able to provide you with.


Medicaid covers the cost of eye exams for adults in some states but not all. The
conditions by which Medicaid will fully fund your eye exam vary from state to
state and center to center, but it is worth reaching out to your nearest State
Medicaid Agency for more information on what is and isn’t covered where you

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