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What To Get A Tech Lover For Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching, and as it gets closer, we panic more and more as we continuously ask our loved ones “what do you want for Christmas?” for them to periodically reply “I don’t know” or “Whatever you think I’m going to like”.

The truth is no one really wants a 5 pack of socks, or a $100 Amazon Gift Card for Christmas - it just doesn’t ‘wow’ in a world where there are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce stores, with a near unlimited range of gift options at Christmas time.

So don’t fall into the trap this Christmas of leaving it to the last minute and getting the same gift as you do every year. Get ahead of the game, think outside of the box, and blow some minds this Christmas.

In this blog we’ve compiled 5 of our Top gift ideas for the Tech Geek in your life:

Tech Geek Gift Idea #1  - Cell Phone Telescope

For just $20, you can both think outside of the box and get your techie friend out of the house too. There are several brands selling mobile phone telescopes online, and these 40 x 60 HD vision, high resolution, cell adapters are durable, anti-shock and corrosion resistant.

The tripod is optional which makes these great for on the move, and quick set up. Never miss sunset or a military fly by again.

Tech Geek Gift Idea #2 - Golf Ball Finder Glasses

The average amateur golfer gets through more than 100 balls per year; which at $5 per ball (assuming you aren’t personalising your balls) means that you’re spending $500+ a year on balls.

For less than $15 you could get a pair of golf ball finder glasses. The blue lens will illuminate the white of your golf ball while simultaneously dampening other colours, making it real easy to find your golf ball in the most overgrown rough. Save money, look cool, and be the influencer on the golf course.

Tech Geek Gift Idea #3 - Sofa Gadget Pocket

Forget racing across the room to Google something that comes up on TV, and gone are the days of losing your pen or smartphone down the side of the sofa when you have a Sofa Gadget Storage Solution.

Keep your cell, your tablet, stationary and even your Lucyd’s in this storage pocket that can fit onto any sofa; available from various retailers in various colours from $50; this could be a gift idea that the whole family can benefit from.

Tech Geek Gift Idea #4 - Wireless Charging & UV Sanitizer Bucket

Practical, hygienic and tech forward. The three things that make this Christmas gift idea unique. This wireless charging bucket, doubles up as a UV sanitizer through the built in technology. The 10w output makes it a quick charging device, which will work against all manner of electronic devices.

At just over $100, it is a gift that is sure to bring a smile to your tech lover’s face.

Tech Geek Gift Idea #5 - Bluetooth Glasses

How could we do a blog of gift recommendations without including one of our own. Bluetooth glasses are all the rage right now. Taking calls, listening to music, playing audiobooks and answering your SMS; can all be done while protecting your eyes from the UV (and looking cool of course).

Our latest product drop brought several new styles including the Timewarp and the Jupiter pictured above. At less than $180, you’ll have delivered the greatest gift by getting this for a techie. 

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