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What Are Smart Glasses (& Why Do We Need Them?)

Smart glasses technology is becoming increasingly effective and impressive. These tech glasses offer the wearer a range of benefits and can be worn just about anywhere, making the world a little more interesting and integrated.

Glasses have always been a method for people to improve their eyesight. But, with the constant rise in technology, glasses have grown into the new must-have gadget. Imagine owning a pair of Tony Stark smart glasses.

Since their release in 2013, smart glasses have been in a constant state of evolution. Keep reading for a quick guide on what smart glasses are and how you can use them in your life.

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Smart Glasses Technology

Where Google failed, modern technology companies have found ways to succeed. The technology has now evolved into a form that mixes impressive abilities with a modern style.

The technology in these smart glasses matches a lot of the technology found in mobile phones. Let's have a quick look at a few different ways smart glasses use technology

Bluetooth Glasses With Speakers

There are now smart glasses on the market which use Bluetooth to connect to our mobile phones. Through this connection, you can make use of things like music while on the go. Gone are the days of having to worry about headphone cables tangling up in your pocket as you can now have glasses with speakers in them.


bluetooth glasses


Bluetooth Speaker Glasses

Some of the latest smart glasses come with built-in speakers to allow you to listen to music, podcasts, and more, while on the move. The speakers have been placed discreetly beside the ears. This will enable you to listen to your favorite song without worrying about being cut off from your surroundings. You can even have sunglasses with speakers in them so that you can listen while on a ride, on a run, or while in the sun.

Camera Glasses 

Certain smart glasses have a built-in camera hidden away within the frame. These allow you to take pictures and record videos of whatever you are experiencing visually. Great for those Instagram fans.

Smart Glasses Controls

If you purchase a set of smart sunglasses with speakers, you will want to be able to control the music you are listening to. Most modern-day smart glasses actually have the controls built into the frame. 

Set along the arms of the glasses, you will find buttons that allow you to take control. These buttons can be set up to use such functions as play/pause, skip track, and even answer phone calls. 

The technological advancements in this area have even begun to recognize head movements as well. There have even been steps towards using thoughts to control smart glasses… think Clint Eastwood and the movie Firefox. 

The Future of Bluetooth Smart Glasses

Owning a pair of sunglasses with speakers would have been unheard of 15 years ago. There is an abundance of potentially significant new technological advances on the way.

The most recent development with smart glasses is the use of augmented reality. Companies such as Facebook, Bose, and Apple are using augmented reality in new products. These products will give the users many more advantages than before. 

Employing the use of AR technology, people will be able to trade smartphones for smart glasses. In another 15 years, we could find smartphones a thing of the past.

Potential Challenges Yet to Come

Companies are making daily progress turning these ideas into reality, but as always there are challenges they will face as they continue to evolve the products. Other non-technological aspects may affect their potential success as well, and we at Lucyd are looking forward to seeing this space evolve. 

Learning How to Use the Product 

As with all new things, learning how to use smart glasses may be a struggle for some. The developers will need to ensure they are user-friendly. They will also need to make them easily adaptable to everyday life. 


A traditional pair of glasses is designed to improve eyesight. Smart glasses will need to be designed in a way to consider this primary function… and stay focused on being sure the glasses do not lead to eyesight deterioration. Fortunately, you can add your prescription to your Bluetooth glasses.


Owning a pair of speaker sunglasses allows you to listen to music as you walk, which is fine, but owning a pair of AR glasses will be placing information in front of its user's eyes. This could cause the users to grow distracted and potentially get hurt.


As we saw with the release of Google Glass Explorer, fashion is a huge aspect that needs to be considered. The ideal pair of smart glasses will look identical to a regular pair of glasses. Certain audio glasses have designed their products, so you cannot tell they contain speakers. 

Take a Step Towards Stark

The possibility of being a real-life Tony Stark is potentially in the not-so-distant future. With the constant growth in technology, smart glasses will help each of us in many different ways.

The next 15 years have the potential to completely reinvent smart devices. As mentioned earlier, mobile phones may even become obsolete as smart glasses take over the market.

Has this article helped convince you to invest in a pair of smart glasses? If so, check out our tutorial page for some great videos to help get you started with this latest craze.

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