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What Are High-Tech Glasses?

What Are High-Tech Glasses?


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In 2012, Google premiered an idea that stirred excitement and intrigue throughout the technological world: Google Glass. At first, Google advertised these glasses as a form of technological experience augmentation. Over time, however, Glass came to be a smart tech supplement. 

Its 3-5 hour battery life allowed users to check their texts, scroll through photos, and surf the Internet. While the idea of these high-tech glasses was fascinating to some, it eventually crashed.

Google Glass retailed for over $1000 without doing any task particularly well. As a result, consumers who could afford them preferred to purchase top-grade smartphones.

Nevertheless, the idea remained intriguing to developers. Now, nearly ten years after Google Glass debuted, new high-quality smart glasses have hit the market.

What do these glasses do? How do they compare with their Google Glass predecessors? Discover all that and more in the guide below!

How High-Tech Glasses Supplement Reality

Marketers often describe high-tech glasses as augmenting reality; usually, though, these glasses supplement your field of vision. The way they do this is often straight out of science fiction. 

For example, let's say you're walking through the supermarket while wearing your glasses. As you walk, you pick up a product to inspect it. When your glasses switch on, they'll produce information about the product. 

This information could include the manufacturer or provider, the ingredients, and other core information. It will appear on the lens of your glasses without obstructing your natural field of vision. 

Likewise, these glasses may produce information on the surrounding scenery. If you were exploring a city or location, your glasses could act as a virtual tour guide to the area.

Lastly, some glasses may even provide facial recognition information as you walk down the street. The specs on this feature may vary, however. After all, it would be overwhelming to learn information about every person you walked by. Either way though, you’re sure to feel like Tony Stark.

Bluetooth Options: Play Music Aloud

We've discussed what high-tech glasses as a whole aspire to be. Now, let's discuss some of the specific appeals of many smart glasses models. For example, many smart glasses have Bluetooth features that allow you to play music.

How does this work? It may depend on the glasses and the brand. However, most Bluetooth glasses have arms that widen near the ears. 

Most regular glasses taper near the end of the glasses' arms. These arms, however, widen to serve as speakers that play into your ears. In many cases, they have a small button or control that turns on the speakers. 

One design that helps these glasses function goes like this. Two small speakers rest in front of your ears. From there, small grilles direct the sound towards your ears.

As this occurs, the speakers also project a noise cancellation to the outer environment. As a result, these speakers allow a small degree of noise leakage. Overall, however, these speakers function as well as standard wireless earbuds. 

While some brands may favor Samsung or Apple products for pairing, many brands work with either company's products. You may experience audio distortion if you turn the volume up past a certain point. If you play your sound at 70% or lower, your sound should remain clear.

How Well Can High-Tech Glasses Pair with Phones?

As mentioned in the section before, most brands of smart glasses can pair with either Android or iPhone products. Aside from playing music, however, what does this phone and glasses pairing enable? 

In short, your smart glasses can display much of the same information as your phone screen. You can receive text notifications and have those messages displayed before your eyes through these lenses. 

You can also sync your glasses' microphone to your phone. As such, you can use speak-to-text with your glasses, thereby replying to the text message without typing a word. 

Smart glasses can also display the weather for you. You can see the day's forecast right above your standard line of vision. Additionally, these glasses show the time and directions to help you keep track of your location.

With these capabilities, these glasses help you reach the height of convenience. No longer will you have to pull out your phone or check your watch when somebody messages you. You won't have to pull your phone out two or three times before you finally remember what time it is.

Instead, these glasses display all the relevant information you need. What could be better than that?

Practical, Strong, and Durable

You may wonder, "As useful as these are, how durable are they?" Will these be like a typical phone screen, shattering after one drop? Also, how practical are these glasses? 

First and foremost, these glasses are as durable as any other model of glasses. You can find them in several styles and lens colors, including mirrored, blue filters, and others.

You can also find smart glasses that work as prescription glasses, though they most commonly resemble sunglasses. Another excellent feature that many glasses offer is blue light filtration. With this filtration, you can avoid eye strain caused by this light. 

When it comes to durability, these glasses offer much more than a typical smartphone screen. Some brands provide scratch-proof, sweatproof, and shatterproof lenses. With these lenses, you can maintain their excellent condition and keep the same glasses for years. 

Other models provide responsive lenses that can adapt to several degrees of light exposure. This adaptation allows you to use these glasses in varied environments. 

Find Your High-Tech Glasses Today

As you can see, there are several ways that high-tech glasses can benefit you in your daily life. All that's left is to find the right glasses for you.

If you want to find the perfect glasses, check out our inventory! We offer several models of high-tech glasses with excellent durability and high-quality performance. Browse our selection and find your new high-tech eyewear today.

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