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What Are Air Conduction Glasses?

Music enriches our lives magnificently. The right song can feed a hungry soul, changing your mood in an instant. With so many songs available and more being released every day, there really is a song for everyone.

You could listen to music all day, every day, and fail to get through every single one ever released, even if you just focused on your favorite genre. And with air conduction glasses, you have even more chances to tune in without having to tune out of life.

The problem with traditional earphones

Whether working, traveling, or exercising, traditional earphones get in the way. Not only do wires become tangled and tied up in knots, which is hugely frustrating, but wadded-up wires may impact sound quality.  

In addition, tangled wires or pulling on them to remove your earphones can break the protective plastic coating, which often results in that horrible static noise as they move about in your ear. In some instances, breaking wires will even cut out the music entirely. 

Another issue with traditional earphones is that they have to sit in your ear entirely, blocking out the sounds around you. While this may feel like bliss, it can be dangerous, particularly if you're out and about.

All of these problems can be solved through the use of air conduction glasses.

What are air conduction glasses?

Air conduction glasses essentially refer to frames with speakers embedded in the arms. These sit comfortably behind your ear and transmit the audio to your ear canal, meaning you don't have to insert anything into your ear or cover them entirely to enjoy high-quality music, podcasts, and more.

Air Conduction Glasses

The benefits of air conduction glasses

Whether you wear your prescription air conduction glasses daily or opt for our sunglasses for days spent out in the sun, there are plenty of benefits from investing in a pair, including:

A better exercise experience 

We all know that the right song can help us hold out and keep pushing just that little bit further. No doubt many a PB has been reached because the right song came on at the right moment. 

Our Lyte Sport Bluetooth glasses are a fantastic choice for those who enjoy a vigorous exercise regimen as they are splash-proof and IP56 water-resistant, so able to withstand sweat. These also come with air conduction, so you can play The Eye of the Tiger and smash those fitness goals. 

And did we mention that the audio quality is immense, promising a better musical experience than ever?

Improved office experience 

With the rise in at-home working, you no longer have to squabble with coworkers over what genre to play or listen to the radio of someone else's choice. Instead, you can create your own playlist depending on the type of work you're doing and the mood you need to be in. Then, simply activate and control your music through your glasses. Adjust the volume, pause or skip tunes as necessary; you're the DJ now.

Even if you work in a traditional office setting, you can still reap the benefits of air conduction glasses. For example, say your office has suddenly become very noisy, and you have a crucial deadline to meet. It would look really rude and antisocial for you to grab your earphones or headphones, untangle them, and put them in.  

Instead, with a surreptitious tap of the touch controls on your glasses frame, you can drown out the noise and avoid an office faux pas. 

The best part? Because the sound system is embedded within your glasses frame (and therefore, nothing covers your ears), you won't miss an important phone call or if somebody tries to get your attention. It truly is the best of both worlds. 

Traveling safely

Whether you prefer to travel by foot, bike, roller skates, or skateboard, being aware of your surroundings is essential for your safety - particularly if you're out and about at night alone. 

Because the audio of your music is being transmitted to your eardrum from behind your ear, you'll still have clear hearing of road traffic and people around you. Sadly, we can never be too careful, and protecting ourselves has to be our top priority at all times.

If you do start to feel unsafe, rather than pick up your phone (something easy to steal), simply use the touch controls on your glasses frame or use voice assistance to connect to your phone and call someone. You can then use the speakers and air conduction to carry out a conversation to deter a stranger from approaching you.

Buy air conduction glasses from Lucyd

Air conduction glasses can not only help keep you safe, but they can also level up your daily experiences. We sell a range of air conduction glasses, lenses, and accessories so that you can reap the benefits of air conduction and look awesome while doing so. 

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