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Back to School with Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses

Guest Post: Henry Miller, Business Development Associate @ Lucyd 

The return to school is quickly approaching and Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth audio glasses are the best gift to start out the new school year for any student, parent, or anyone who is looking to improve their productivity! The Lucyd Lyte is the perfect companion to out of classroom studying. 

Many like to listen to music or other forms of audio while studying to stay focused but traditional earbuds always seem to get lost when we need them most. You won’t have to worry about losing and replacing your headphones when they also double as your glasses! The Lucyd Lyte offers high quality speakers and microphone, allowing you to listen to audio and even take calls right on the frames. Thanks to the Lyte’s Bluetooth headphone capability, you can move around, without having to worry about wires. 

The Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth audio glasses come completely prescription adaptable, allowing you to see at your best while increasing your productivity. The Lucyd Lyte ensures that you can keep your focus on your work and stay connected to your digital life. Using Siri and other voice assistants, you can receive updates and notifications completely handsfree, without the potential distraction of picking up your phone. This is especially important for parents who often have a hard time reaching their children! You no longer have to worry about your children not reading your texts when you know they can receive all of their messages straight from their glasses. 

Feeling stir crazy after long hours studying in place? Download audiobooks, podcasts, or other resources and study on the go. The Bluetooth speakers are perfect for exercising hands and wire free while the open ear design makes sure that you can stay safe and aware of your surroundings. Now you can get the information you need while getting active!

For long and late hours looking at screens, protect your eyes by using blue light reducing lens.  Learn more about how these lenses and the Lucyd Lyte can help you sleep better.

Already using the Lytes to improve your studying? Let us know by commenting here or by tagging @golucyd across social media for a chance to be featured!

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