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Wearable Technology: How Do Smart Glasses Work?

wearable technology

Since the last decade, there's been a huge increase in the popularity of wearable technology like activity trackers, smart clothing, smartwatches, and more recently, smart glasses.

The use of the devices has a growing impact on society as they make certain applications easier. Wearable technology works differently depending on the device you have.

In this guide, we cover smart glasses and how they work. Read on to learn more.

How Smart Glasses Work

Smart glasses work differently depending on what company you buy them from. These wearable computer glasses have different functions like listening to music and answering phone calls.

There are simpler smart glasses that only change the darkness of the lenses depending on the lighting they are picking up.

Smart glasses are similar to the functions of a smartphone with the luxury of aiming directly at your head or face. There are hands-free and touch control glasses to choose from.

How Lucyd Lyte Smart Glasses Work

Lucyd Lyte wearable technology glasses are available in sunglasses and prescription. The features of these smart glasses include the following:

  • Audio
  • Microphone
  • Touch controls
  • Bluetooth
  • All-day battery
  • Lenses and accessories

These glasses are touch-controlled to enable call answering, track skip, volume adjustment, play/pause, and voice assistant activation. Below, we will discuss a little bit more about each of these features.

Smart Glasses Audio Capability

Smart glasses with the ability to take calls and listen to music require audio output to be possible.

Lucyd Lyte glasses have flush speakers in each arm with sharp open-ear playback. This is a large volume range that supports clear listening even in the noisiest environments.

Instead of speakers, some smart glasses transfer sound to the ear bone (cochlea) rather than through the air. This process is known as bone conduction. It involves sending vibrations from the glasses to the ear bone and bypasses the eardrum.

Smart Glasses Microphone Capability

For glasses that have voice control, a small microphone is necessary to record your voice and the sounds in the surrounding area. You'll also need a microphone for call functionality purposes.

Lucyd Lyte has a noise-canceling microphone for calls and a voice assistant feature.

Wearable Tech Computer Processor

Because tech glasses and tech sunglasses act as a computer, it requires a central processing unit (CPU). This small device is usually in one of the arms of the frames.

The CPU is similar to or the same as a smartphone processor depending on the manufacturer.

Human-Computer Interface (HCI)

For the wireless audio glasses to be controlled, the human-computer interface must be applied to the glasses. Typical controls like computer mouses and touchscreens are unavailable for smart glasses.

Smart glasses are controlled by one or more of the following:

  • Buttons (touch controls)
  • Speech recognition
  • Gesture recognition
  • Eye-tracking
  • Remote control

The remote control is often a smartphone. For Lucyd Lyte smart glasses, Bluetooth is necessary to connect the two devices. Bluetooth 5.0 can be connected to most phones, smartwatches, and PCs within a 50-foot range.

All-Day Battery

Because Bluetooth glasses are electronic, they use a battery. Like other devices, the battery must stay charged in order to work.

Luckily, Lucyd Lyte glasses have an all-day battery per two-hour charge. Someone who listens to music for one hour per day will only have to charge their glasses once a week.


Although smart glasses are more technological compared to traditional ones, they can be fitted with different lenses just like normal glasses. Some of the more common lenses include:

  • Prescription lenses
  • Blue light filter lenses
  • Smart lenses

Blue light lenses are best for computer use and smart lenses are those that get darker based on the surrounding light conditions. The standard Lucyd Lyte smart glasses come with black polarized UV400 lenses.

The box also includes some great accessories like a flat-folding case, cable, reusable folding box, wall adapter, cleaning cloth, and a guide for quick starting.

The lens width measures 143mm with a height of 39mm. These measurements are important to remember if you want to purchase additional lenses. If you prefer the style of colored lenses, you can also purchase those.

The Future of Smart Glasses

A lot of big companies have hopped on the smart glasses trends but have been unsuccessful in finding a way to make them affordable yet fashionable.

Although many consumers are interested in the idea, it might take a few years before widespread consumer interest occurs. If you don't know many people with smart glasses, there is a reason for that.

It takes a lot for consumers to be interested in something collectively.

Does this mean you should wait to buy your very own pair of smart glasses? Of course not! In fact, being one of the first to hop on the trend can help the growth of these products.

Because there is a huge future for wearable technology, the products are only going to get better. To ensure you are buying the right smart glasses for you, complete enough research.

If you believe the factors in this guide sound great, Lucyd Lyte is the right choice for smart glasses. It is one of the few smart glasses made for consumers like you instead of businesses and enterprises.

Wearable Technology: Smart Glasses Are the New Trend

Wearable technology when connected to smart devices via Bluetooth makes certain functions easier. Smart glasses are trending for this reason and because they're just so cool to own!

Although each manufacturer of smart glasses is different, they all include similar functions. When you buy Lucyd Lyte smart glasses, you can benefit from audio and microphone capability, touch controls, Bluetooth, and all-day battery life.

Now that you know how smart glasses work, you can successfully use them after purchasing. Contact us now to try Lucyd Lyte smart glasses risk-free for seven days with free shipping included.

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