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Virgin Air Using ARVR to Train Employees

In the not-so-distant educational systems of the future, it’s likely that human beings will be able to learn anything they want from the comfort of their own home. With the rapid advances in augmented and virtual reality, users can train for real-world situations with nothing more than a virtual headset and and internet connection.

And now Virgin Atlantic, one of billionaire Richard Branson’s forward-thinking businesses, is training their cabin crew with those exact methods.

Although new employees are still required to come into corporate headquarters and attend classes, Virgin has employed an augmented reality training technology to train them.

This particular push comes at a time when Virgin is introducing a new aircraft to its lineup — the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A large, expensive aircraft that is better put to use ferrying passengers around the world than being used as a training ground for new cabin crew, the new plane is something that requires getting used to. In addition to any classroom training that new employees receive, they’re also able to “walk into” the cabin — thanks to augmented reality.

Don Langford, CIO of Virgin Atlantic, had this to say about the company’s latest innovation:

“Today innovation is the lifeblood of a modern airline. New technologies such as augmented reality hold out the promise to better manage our airline operations while providing an enriched experience to our increasingly tech-savvy passengers. SITA has long been a partner in exploring the frontiers of technology and this AR application is no exception.”

The company he’s referring to, SITA, is one of the leading providers in information technology globally. They are also one of the main providers of technological support to the airline industry, as well as being among the chief collaborators in this latest augmented reality training program.

What do you think about Virgin Atlantic’s new augmented reality training program? Let us know in a comment!

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