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Versatile Smart Eyewear to Suit Any Lifestyle

versatile smart eyewear

The average American enjoys only about fives hours of free time each day. That means that every second of the day is crucial. But keeping on top of work, meetings, memos, and family responsibilities can be challenging.

Fortunately, several smart devices can make the stress of modern life dissipate. Versatile smart eyewear, for example, could be the ultimate solution to a hectic schedule. 

But which pair of hi-tech glasses can suit your lifestyle? Let's find out!

What Is Versatile Smart Eyewear?

Smart eyewear can display notifications, text messages, and incoming phone calls to help keep you connected and productive. These devices typically look like regular eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Some types of Bluetooth-enabled glasses are designed to work in specific environments. As such, you might be able to use your smart glasses while at the office, but not outdoors. Versatile smart eyewear works everywhere.

Where Can You Wear Smart Glasses?

With the right pair of smart eyewear, you can remain connected in any environment. Whether you're spending a day on the green or working at the office, high-quality smart glasses can help you stay productive all day long.

Lucyd is a fantastic option for those seeking a practical pair of smart glasses. They provide three standard innovative eyewear styles, ensuring that you have the ideal pair for every situation. 

You can choose between the:

  • Original Lucyd Lyte
  • Lucyd Lyte Titanium
  • Lucyd Lyte Sport

While the original might be the most versatile option, the Lucyd Lyte Sport is undoubtedly the best choice for athletes. Its wraparound design makes for a comfortable and secure fit, no matter the activity.

However, other models might be a better pick for office meetings or nights out on the town. Still, it's crucial to note that each type of Lucyd eyewear charges quickly, has easy-to-use touch controls, and is built to last. 

In a Professional Setting

You can also enjoy Lucyd eyewear in professional settings. The best choice for offices might be one of the original Lucyd Lyte glasses. That's because this option comes in several professional and casual styles.

You can choose from six distinct styles, each of which comes in more than a dozen lense colors and tints. Each pair of these smart glasses features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, superior battery life, and simple touch controls.

Out on the Town

Are you looking for a slightly thinner and more stylish frame? If so, you might appreciate the Lucyd Lyte Titanium smart glasses.

These flexible specs are both fashionable and functional, making them great for discerning wearers. And because this pair doesn't use as much material, this option may be the lightest of the bunch.

So, not only could this pair complement your style, but it could also help you avoid nose indents.

Notable Benefits of Lucyd Lyte Eyewear

Lucyd offers versatile smart glasses in a wide range of styles and colors. This feature sets them apart from competitors.

But design isn't the only advantage of choosing Lucyd for your smart eyewear.

These glasses provide some notable benefits thanks to their practical features, which include: 

  • Simple Touch Controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Compatibility
  • Long-Lasting All-Day Battery

If you're unsure about investing in these smart-looking hi-tech glasses, you may want to take a moment to consider these helpful and competitive features.

Remember, smart eyewear could be the ideal way to stay productive without staring at your phone all day!

Simple Touch Controls

Learning how to use a new pair of smart glasses can be a frustrating experience. After all, some pairs feature complicated controls that take hours to master. Fortunately, Lucyd glasses are easy to use.

Each pair has only two buttons, allowing you to play music, change volume, and answer phone calls quickly. These simple touch controls eliminate the confusion often associated with new smart glasses.

Bluetooth 5.0 Compatibility

Some smart glasses rely on consistent WiFi connections to remain operational. Others, like Lucyd glasses, use Bluetooth to keep connected. All Lucyd eyewear offers Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility.

Not only does this ensure that Lucyd glasses can pair with most smartphones, but it also increases its connection distance. Lucyd glasses can pair with smartphones that are within 50ft!

Long-Lasting All-Day Battery

Lucyd creates smart eyewear that can last a full week between charges. Each pair offers up to eight hours of playback per two hours of charging. That's the kind of power efficiency that makes these glasses top-notch.

Built-In Microphone

Though you could choose to invest in smart accessories for your Lucyd eyewear, you don't need to. Each pair of glasses contains everything you need to get to work.

One of the most crucial of these components is the built-in microphone. Not only does it preclude the need for a Bluetooth headset system, but it also utilizes a noise-canceling function

When you need to take an important phone call or speak with your voice assistant AI, you won't need to yell or find a quiet place. This thoughtful addition makes Lucyd one of the best options for folks on the go.

The Most Versatile Smart Eyewear

Smart glasses can help you keep on top of tasks all day long, no matter where you are! But, of course, some eyewear is more versatile than others. Lucyd Lyte glasses, for example, work well in many environments.

Whether you choose the Lucyd Lyte original or the Lucyd Lyte Sport, you're bound to enjoy this capable and comfortable eyewear. After all, these glasses feature simple touch controls, Bluetooth 5.0, and an all-day battery!

Are you ready to enjoy versatile smart eyewear that lasts all day long? If so, use our store locator to find a pair near you.

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