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Using Bluetooth Glasses To Help Your Studies

Whether working on your dissertation or attending your very first lecture, Bluetooth glasses are a fantastic tool to help you succeed in your studies. Our Lyte smart glasses are available as standard or with prescription lenses and can help make your day-to-day learning much easier and more accessible. 

How can Bluetooth glasses help students?

There are many smart features embedded in our glasses to assist and improve your learning experience. So whether you're soaking up knowledge from a visiting professor, scouring library books, or working on an assignment, here are the ways you could benefit from Bluetooth glasses.

How Lucyd Bluetooth glasses help students during lectures

The obvious benefit of our glasses is the crisp vision it delivers, thanks to the prescription lenses that can be added to your purchase. So, even if you arrive late and have to sit at the back, you'll feel as though you have a front-row seat.

Our Lyte Bluetooth glasses can record speakers up to 15 feet away, so you can really soak up what is being said without worrying about taking notes. Leave that until after the lecture has finished so that you can fully enjoy and be present in your university experience, concentrating 100% on listening and learning. And say goodbye to trying to decipher notes made in a hurry as you tried to keep up with what was being said.

Thanks to the air conduction technology within our Bluetooth glasses, you can listen back to the lecture anywhere at any time without bothering those around you.

Using Bluetooth Glasses To Help Your Studies

How Lucyd Bluetooth glasses help students during research

A good bulk of your university career will undoubtedly be spent in the uni library among heaps of books and online journals filled to the brim with knowledge that will help you raise your grades and equip you with all the knowledge you need for your first job upon graduation.

When reading up on a subject, you're sure to have follow-up questions that you'll want to explore as an expansion of your learning. But why wait? Simply use the voice assistant available with your Bluetooth glasses to find additional information online that will enrich what you're reading. Or, if you know that the extra reading is going to be time-consuming, use your voice assistant to set a reminder for later.

How Lucyd Bluetooth glasses help students with assignments

Lucyd Bluetooth glasses also allow you to access your phone without distraction. When working away, the last thing you need is to be distracted by a Facebook notification. When wearing your Bluetooth glasses, you can put your phone away and still have access to everything you need. 

You can even activate your study playlist, pause and skip songs when you really need to concentrate or aren't feeling that particular tune and adjust the volume, all through the touch controls on the frames' arms. 

Finally, students often spend an enormous amount of time looking at screens, whether during research or working on assignments. This results in exposure to blue light, which is a concern that many researchers are looking into. All Lucyd Bluetooth glasses come with the option of adding blue light lenses, which will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light exposure.

Wherever you are in your higher education journey, Lucyd Bluetooth glasses can level up your learning, improving your experience and grades.

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