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Upgrade Dad's Style with Lucyd Eyewear: The New Eddie Bauer Collection for Father’s Day

A recent article from The Detroit News touches on some gift ideas for dad this Father's Day...


SMART SUNGLASSES: Tech-enabled glasses are abundant these days. Reviews are up and down by brand so choose carefully. A new entry from Lucyd, the Eddie Bauer x Lucyd collection, has enhanced audio quality and easy access to the voice assistant. They come in several styles, from aviator to rimless. Most styles come in 13 colors. A charging dock is included. They play music. They take calls. They use Siri. They have a 12-hour battery life. Is he ready to take the leap? Starting at $229 on the Lucyd website.

This photo shows the Eddie Bauer x Lucyd smart sunglasses. Is dad ready to take the tech leap for Father’s Day?


Read the full article here:

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