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Top Tech Trends to Look Out For In 2022

As the nights grow darker and the temperature drops, many of us are starting to look ahead to the new year and the many possibilities it brings with it. The last two years have been pretty unkind to most of us, for sure, but when it comes to tech, the last two years have been a driving force. And with a new year comes new and evolved visions.

With that, Lucyd anticipates five of the top tech trends you may see throughout 2022, as technology continues to grow in new and exhilarating ways: 


Five tech trends for 2022

1) Sustainable technology

With Cop26 recently taking place in Glasgow, sustainability is high on the list of goals for lots of companies, including those within the tech sector. With CO2 emissions predicted to be as high as 4,807 million metric tons in the US alone by 2050, sustainable tech is sure to become a trend as businesses play their part in helping save our planet.  

We’re already seeing a shift towards electric vehicles (both public and private), smart tech to control energy usage in the home, and vertical farms for fresh, nutritious produce. And there are plenty more visions that can be realized next year.

What makes a technology sustainable?

Technology that looks to natural resources and fosters social and economic development while lowering ecological and environmental risks is considered sustainable. By focusing on biodegradable production materials and renewable resources, energy efficiency, and more, sustainable technology can help turn the tide of climate change.


2) Voice control for social media posting

Voice search has been around for a little while now, but voice search in social media, whereby a platform hears your voice and translates it into a post and publishes it, that’s fresh. 

Vyrb is a new technology that makes this a possibility. To publish a post, all you'll have to do is voice your command and then tell the app exactly what you want the world to know, and it will be published on your newsfeed. 

You can also like and comment on other people's posts and have your news feed read to you. In an era where everybody is glued to their phone, you can stay connected without hunching over your screen.

What is voice social media?

Think of it as the ‘hey Siri’ or ‘Alexa’ command but for your favorite social media platform. Using voice commands, you can say goodbye to tapping away at your phone, freeing up your fingers and eyes to enjoy the other things life has to offer while still maintaining your presence online. 


3) Metaverses

2022 will undoubtedly see an increase in moves toward digital metaverses. With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg revealing his plans to create a metaverse, and games like Animal Crossing and Fortnite already including metaversesque elements, you can expect to see much more of this in 2022 and beyond. By 2030, virtual experiences are predicted not only to be available but to be indistinguishable from reality.

What does metaverse mean?

Think virtual reality, but bigger. Imagine sitting next to someone and sensing them next to you, but in fact, they are thousands of miles away. If the metaverse is successful, you’ll essentially be able to live the same version of two lives. One in reality and one online. But both will feel spookily similar.


4) Satellite-based internet

Have you ever heard of space internet? You soon will. Starlink is yet another incredible innovation from SpaceX, promising internet download spreads of 100-200Mb/s as well as latency as low as 20ms in the majority of locations it's offered.

If you're craving fast internet for high-data activities like streaming or online gaming, you might want to look into this. But be quick; for the time being, this service is being provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 

What is satellite-based internet? 

Satellite-based internet is very similar to satellite-based TV. A connection is beamed from a satellite in space to a dish that's connected to your Wi-Fi router, and presto, you have an internet connection capable of carrying out even the most data-pressured online activities.


5) Autonomous vehicles

Yes, we know, autonomous vehicles have been on the cards for seemingly years. But have they ever been on your doorstep? California hit the goal of being the first country to have a self-driving vehicle on a public road. With the likes of Tesla, Google and Uber continuously working on them, we can expect many more AVs on the road next year and beyond.

The question is, would you rather drive one yourself or be a passenger?

How many autonomous vehicles are on the road?

There were approximately 31 million vehicles with some degree of automation in 2019, and by 2024 there's expected to be 54 million. In the US alone, there are 1,400 self-driving cars already on the road. The pandemic may have slowed down advances temporarily, but throughout 2022 and into 2023, the autonomous vehicle market is predicted to increase by just under 60%


2022, we can’t wait to meet you 

There are many reasons why people may feel eager to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome a fresh new year. But at Lucyd, we can’t wait to see what a new year means for current and emerging tech.

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