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The Selfie: Bringing AR Mainstream

Could selfies be the driving force behind mass adoption of augmented reality?

No longer only a phenomenon for duck-faced girls on MySpace, selfies have officially broken into public consciousness. According to astonishing research by eyeglass company FramesDirect, millennials will take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Broken down, this amounts to over 50 hours per week.

Further developments in “selfie technology” a la Snapchat’s “rainbow barfing” filter, have helped create an unspoken grassroots movement where selfies are snapped, shared, and spread across the internet freely. Taking it one step further, Snapchat even launched Lens Studio — a piece of desktop software that lets anyone create and submit an augmented reality filter for use on Snapchat.

Other interesting tidbits from the infographic:

95% of millennials have taken at least one selfie, and most post 9 selfies per week.

Top reasons for posting selfies include: showing off their vacation, to send to a significant other, celebrating a birthday, and just to post something on social media.

It takes an average of 7 minutes to take a proper selfie.

Only 4% of Instagram posts are solo selfies.

Over 1/3 of people who use Snapchat use it mainly to send selfies.

More than 1/3 European consumers surveyed said they would feel more secure using selfies instead of passwords for banking

Snapchat released augmented reality filter “rainbow barfing” in 2015. This was the first use of augmented reality for selfies.

In 2016, Snapchat released their immensely popular augmented reality “dog filter.”

In 2017, Snapchat launches Lens Studio (desktop application that allows anyone to create an AR filter).

In 2018, Snapchat releases “Snappables” — these are games that users can play against one another that use a combination of augmented reality and selfies.

Want to know more? See the full infographic below!

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