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Upgrading the World's Eyewear

Hello Lucyd family and friends,

The team hopes you had a restful holiday, and are ready to face the marvels and machines to come in 2019!

We have a larger site & corporate update in the works, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce some of you who are joining us now to what Lucyd is all about.

It's about upgrading everyone's eyewear, in more ways than one. Glasses are a precious thing to those who need them, and perhaps that's why they've remained relatively unchanged for so many centuries.

At the genesis of Lucyd we aimed high, to the wearable future, but also laid a solid foundation of experts who live for innovations in vision. Among Lucyd's advisory panel and staff are lauded specialists in ophthalmology, augmented reality, ergonomics, tech commercialization and more. We have Dr. William Trattler and Dr. Ira Clement, both experienced ophthalmologists, to ensure the safety of our tech frames, and provide free eye care and prescription advice to our community. 

We have introduced a resource library, with useful links to eye health information and free content suitable for Lucyd smartglasses. We are also developing a forum to bring permanence and purpose to our lively community discussion on Telegram, where new visual innovations can be shared and discussed, as well as communal development of the LCD token. Furthermore, it will provide a ground for the Lucyd team and community to aid each other in bringing about the future of eyewear, where every pair of glasses fits the individual's style, prescription and tech needs perfectly and affordably.

Lucyd is completely crowdfunded, and this decentralization has given us an immense advantage in terms of meeting the eyewear needs of the modern individual. This advantage comes from the fact that Lucyd is powered by the very users, developers, retailers and trendsetters it is building glasses for. The "Lucydfam" at large is as much a part of it as the operations team. Our development will never be a closed ecosystem, because we depend on our community for knowledge, feedback and business, much as they depend on Lucyd to see clearly and look remarkable while doing so. After our incredible crowdfund, I really do believe anything is possible if we work together.

It's time for status quos to go out the window. It's time for eyewear that truly speaks to the 21st century. Have a fantastic 2019, and WELCOME TO LUCYD!

Warm Wishes,
Harrison Gross, Cofounder 





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