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The First ChatGPT-Enabled Smart Eyewear Line

The First ChatGPT-Enabled Smart Eyewear Line

Innovative Eyewear is making its play to be that industry trendsetter.

The company recently announced the release of the first ChatGPT-enabled smart eyewear. Innovative Eyewear, which develops and retails smart eyewear under the Eddie Bauer, Lucyd, and Nautica brands. 

The Company believes its new designs and upgrade to the global smart eyewear market can improve the daily lives of people around the world. The Lucyd Lyte flagship smart eyewear line is reimagining and disrupting the smart eyewear market with a new seamless voice integration with ChatGPT, powered by our patent-pending Lucyd app.

Lucyd glasses not only empower consumers to listen to music, take and make calls, and use voice assistants to perform tasks, but they can instantly help individuals tap into ChatGPT’s powerful AI, enabling them to ask ChatGPT just about anything and receive spoken answers. 

The Lucyd Lyte 2.0 smart eyewear line is powered by the company’s patent-pending Lucyd app. According to the company, its latest smart eyewear line also features quadrasonic speakers, open-ear audio, noise-cancellation microphones, polarized UV 400 lenses, and 12-hour battery life.

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