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The benefits of using smart glasses when running

If like many, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your health, running is an excellent way to do that. Whether it’s hitting the treadmill at your gym or running outside in the crisp air, there are multiple advantages to running your way to better health.


What are 10 benefits of running?


  1. Strengthens bones.
  2. Can boost mental health.
  3. Can improve immunity.
  4. Increases cardiovascular fitness.
  5. Is a great way to burn calories.
  6. Can help to maintain a healthy weight.
  7. Builds muscle strength.
  8. Can give you a better night’s sleep.
  9. Can increase your cognitive performance.
  10. Can lower blood pressure.

There are tons more advantages proving that this is an excellent way to go if you want to improve your health overall. 

But, let's face it. Running can be a little…boring. So one way to get you through your sessions, push that little bit further and smash your fitness goals is to run to music.

You can do this, and so much more, with our Lucyd smart glasses.

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The benefits of using smart glasses when running

How Lucyd smart glasses can improve your running regime

Solution to sound bleed

Is there anything worse than trying to get through a session on a treadmill when someone else’s music is blaring through their headphones and bothering you? Perhaps the only thing worse is being that person. 

Thanks to the air conduction technology in our frames, you don’t have to worry about sound bleed. So you can run to your heart’s content knowing that you aren’t bothering any of your exercise comrades.


Smart glasses makes running outside safer

The problem with over-the-ear headphones or earphones that have to be inserted into your ear is that they block out sounds from your surrounding area. When running outside, you must be aware of nearby traffic or even people approaching to stay safe.

Thanks again to the air conduction technology in our frames, you can get the best of both worlds. Distract yourself with encouraging music, but remain  aware of what's happening around you.


Glasses that won’t slip off your face

While not exactly 'smart' tech, the way we've designed our Lucyd Sport smart glasses means you won't constantly be readjusting your prescription glasses (yup, our glasses can come with prescription lenses!), thanks to the flexible fit of the frames.


Practically hands-free

Turn the volume up or down or skip to the next song on your playlist if a particular song isn’t pushing you to go that little bit faster or further by using the touch controls on the arms of your smart glasses.

Say goodbye to stopping mid-run to get your phone from your pocket, unlock it and skip or adjust the volume!


Be prepared for that last-minute run

If you regularly run with a friend, they may make a last-minute suggestion to go for a quick sprint one evening. In times like these, you usually run through a quick checklist to know how available you are:

  • Do I have plans?
  • Are there any clean running clothes?
  • Is there any battery on my music device?

Well, thanks to the long battery life of our smart glasses, not having any music on hand will never be a reason not to go for that last-minute run. Plus, the open-ear audio means you can enjoy your running playlist while still carrying out conversations with your running buddy.

These are five examples of how our smart glasses can level up your running experience and help you smash your New Year's resolution. So what are you waiting for? Unlock the benefits and create a more enjoyable running experience with Lucyd smart glasses. 

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