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The benefits of blue light glasses

If your job requires a good chunk of time working on a laptop, and then you scroll through your phone during your lunch break and then unwind by streaming your favorite TV show in the evening, chances are you'd benefit from blue light glasses. 

Love your current Lucyd glasses? Not to worry, just swap out your old lenses with blue light lens, and you're good to go.

It's highly likely that you've heard of blue light, especially if your job is heavily screen-dependent. But have you heard about blue light glasses and their benefits?

What exactly is blue light?

Although you don't see it, light, even light from the sun, is made of different colors, all with different wavelengths and energy levels. One of these is blue light, which, thanks to its short wavelength, is the closest to UV light - the dangers of which we all know thanks to years of research. 

Although naturally occurring within the sunlight, blue light is most often referenced concerning smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. 

The short wavelength of blue light means it can easily penetrate our eyes, and there are concerns about the long-term risk close exposure to this type of light will have on our eyes and how we can protect them.

The benefits of blue light glasses

What are blue light glasses?

Ironically, blue light glasses actually come with an (unnoticeable) yellow tint but are called 'blue light glasses' or 'blue light blocking glasses' because they have specially designed lens that protect our eyes from blue light penetration. 

What are the benefits of blue light glasses?

Although research into the impact of blue light on our eyes is relatively small, there is already evidence supporting the use of blue light glasses. Here are just a few:

1) Better circadian rhythms

Your circadian rhythm is your internal clock. One of its functions is to prepare your body to sleep or wake up. So, for example, when it's dark, our bodies produce a hormone called melatonin which is essentially the sleep hormone. 

Blue light emitted from screens, which our bodies are most sensitive to because of its short wavelength, can trick your brain into thinking it's daytime, which means less melatonin is produced. Therefore, you get less sleep, and your circadian rhythm is disrupted. 

One study found that blue light glasses don’t impact melatonin production due to their ability to block out blue light. This means that even if you’re scrolling through your phone at night and exposing your eyes to blue light, you won’t suffer the adverse side effects. 

The benefits of blue light glasses

2) Protect your retinas

Some research suggests that light-sensitive cells in the retina can be damaged by overexposure to blue light. 

While blue-light exposure from screens is much less than what we're exposed to from natural sunlight, and neither reaches international safety limits, it's understandable for people to take a cautious approach and utilize blue light glasses, especially considering how long we spend in front of screens.

3) Reduce eye strain

The same research discussing the impact of blue lights on retinas also touched on the impact exposure to light with short wavelengths (i.e., blue lights) has on eye strain. 

Add to this the considerable time we spend looking at our screens, shifting our focus constantly due to the content we're consuming, potentially looking too closely at our screens and the impact of reflections from glasses (for those that wear them), and eye strain can become a considerable problem.

While more research is needed to ascertain the true extent of blue lights on eye strain, it's worth consulting a doctor if you believe you're suffering from eye strain and follow their advice. Blue light blocking glasses may make a considerable impact by protecting your eyes, assisting with concentration, and supporting your vision throughout the day.

Blue light glasses from Lucyd

All Lucyd frames: Lyte, Titanium and Sport are available with Blue Light lens, meaning you can look after your eyes, whilst handling your calls, listening to music and more. 

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