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Summer Slam Dunking with Lucyd Lytes Bluetooth Sunglasses

Basketball with Lucyd Lytes

Guest Post: Henry Miller, Business Development Associate - Innovative Eyewear, Inc.

The 2020-2021 NBA Playoffs have started and if you are anything like me, watching the best basketball players in the world inspires you to get out and shoot some hoops yourself.  With the summer quickly approaching, I have been practicing more and more and the Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Glasses have been the best teammate. 

Playing basketball has been a great way to get outside and stay active. I like to listen to a variety of audiobooks, music, and podcasts while doing so but using traditional wired headphones can be such a hassle. Exposed wires can be easily caught on surfaces and cause your earbuds to be painfully ripped out of your ears. Additionally, wearing wired earbuds means you must always carry your phone or device on you. This can be cumbersome and hamper your movement along with the risk of your device falling out of your grasp. 

Another thing to be mindful of is the sun and protecting your eyes. If you are playing basketball outdoors, you might want to consider some form of protection. It can be hard to make it in the basket if you can’t even see it!

Here is where Lucyd comes in with the slam dunk. The Lucyd Lytes are Bluetooth enabled smart glasses, offering eye perfection and protection with exciting tech features like audio playback, answering phone calls, and digital assistants like Siri or Alexa. They wirelessly and automatically connect to your personal devices meaning you no longer need to worry about wires or being disconnected from your audio. You can leave your device on the bench, keeping your movement unimpaired and without the risk of dropping your device. By tapping a button on the side of the frame, you can take calls and control audio playback. 

Lucyd offers a variety of lenses that you can easily swap in and out of your frames for every situation. If you are outdoors, you can use a pair of polarized sunglasses that will keep your eyes protected from the sun. If you are indoors, studying the pros, put on prescription lenses to offer the best viewing experience.

Lucyd Lyte is available in two different styles for just $150 and are completely prescription adaptable. You can try them risk-free with our 7-day moneyback guarantee and all frames and lenses include a 90-day warranty and will be replaced if defective or damaged. Click on the link below to get started!

Already using your Lucyd Lytes to stay active? Let us know by commenting here or by tagging @golucyd across social media for a chance to be featured!

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