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How to Use Smart Glasses’ Voice Commands

Smart glasses are wonderfully useful, with plenty of functions and unique features to make your life easier. You can do anything from listening to music to taking phone calls and calling an Uber. Best of all, you can do it all with voice commands.

So whether you’re playing a sport with Bluetooth glasses or sitting at your desk, get all the practical things on your itinerary done, while keeping your hands free for fun and work. In this post, we will look at what voice assistance is, and the different functions that you can use with Lucyd smart glasses.

What is voice assistance in smart glasses?

There has been impressive progress in voice assistance across a number of different technological devices in recent years. We all know of Siri and the classic “Okay Google” command, which allows us to access a broad range of functionalities in our cellphones and connected devices.

This technology is now available in our Bluetooth glasses. By switching on the touch button, discretely located on the left arm of the glasses frame, you can access voice commands in your glasses. These are, in turn, connected to your cellphone, therefore making it possible to access different functions in your phone without having to even remove it from your pocket. If you have a smartwatch, you can connect all three devices and leave your phone at home.

How to Use Smart Glasses’ Voice Commands

How do you use voice assistance in Lucyd smart glasses?

To activate the voice command, simply press the touch button on the left arm for about two seconds. Wait for the voice activation prompt, and speak! Just like that, your Bluetooth glasses, which automatically connect to the last device it was paired with, will be voice-activated.

What smart glasses functions are voice-activated?

While our glasses are practical for those who need prescription glasses, blue-light glasses, or simple shades, most of the unique functions are touch or voice-activated. Here are the features that need no hands.

Start and accept calls

With voice assistant, you can simply say “call John”, and the call will go through! If you get a call, you can tell Google, Siri or Alexa (depending on what you use on your phone) to accept or reject the call.

Check messages

Check messages on Whatsapp, email, SMS, or any other messaging platform with the use of voice activation. You are also able to record voice notes, making communication easier at every turn.

Get directions and ask for recommendations

Request for your virtual assistant to direct you to the nearest Starbucks, or ask for recommendations on the best coffee shop within a two-mile radius. Walking with your Bluetooth glasses is a pleasure, as you don’t have to fumble around with your phone or get tangled in your earphones.

How to Use Smart Glasses’ Voice Commands

Order Uber or food delivery

If you’re heading home from work, getting on the subway, or walking to the bus stop, ordering food from your favorite restaurant often has to take a backseat until you’re settled. But now you needn’t struggle with your phone, getting motion sickness as you scroll. You can simply ask your virtual assistant to have food delivered to your house, while you’re on your way there too. Or get an Uber to pick you up, with voice prompts in your ear telling you how far away they are, and what car to look out for. It’s an ideal, safe way to use the functions of your phone.

Play music

One of our favorite features of these glasses is the fantastic sound they produce. Ask your virtual assistant to play a certain song, skip, pause and rewind. You can play your top Spotify playlist without ever removing your phone from your bag. Plus, these glasses allow you to hear everything around you too, as they are not sound inhibiting. Plus, there is no sound leakage, so you won’t bother anyone while playing your jams.

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