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Smart Glasses In The Movies

A decade ago, the idea of wearing a pair of glasses with technology embedded in them seemed like something out of science fiction. Smart glasses have been featured in many movies and films, including "Star Trek," "Back to the Future" and most recently "Sherlock," the limited series. While they all take their own unique and quirky approach to smart glasses, cinematography shows us that they are here and changing our lives for the better. 

While some people are still deciding whether or not to invest in Bluetooth smart glasses themselves, Hollywood has shown that they will be an integral part of our future. From making calls with noise-canceling microphones to snowboarding in a pair of smart glasses, it’s becoming apparent that these gadgets will become a part of everyday life sooner than we think.

7 Smart glasses straight out of the movies

From electromagnetic visors to self-destructing glasses, smart glasses have changed how superheroes, villains, and everyday characters create a long-lasting impression on the audience. Here are seven iconic films that’ll make you realize just how awesome smart glasses are! 

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation

In the Next Generation film, Geordi La Forge, who was blind, wears a remarkable piece of bio-electronic engineering called a visor. The power of his visor allows the electromagnetic spectrum to scan heat and infrared through radio waves, which it then sends signals directly into his optic nerves in the brain. And boom, he can see!

2. Avengers

Even Death, I’m The Hero (E.D.I.T.H.), an AI containing security, defense, and tactical intelligence properties, was created by Tony Stark and given to Peter Park after his death. The smart glasses worn by E.D.I.T.H. feature in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame and provide all the information you could possibly desire from Stark Industries and any other computer device. Pretty powerful glasses that we only ever dream of owning!

3. Sherlock

While this is somewhat of a fun misdirection on the producer's behalf, we (along with Sherlock) are left in wonder as to whether the notorious villain Magnussen uses electronic assistance in the series. It’s suggested that Magnussen uses smart glasses to recall key facts, allowing him to create a sense of power and leverage over people.

4. Terminator

Terminator has been kicking butt since 1984, and even back in the day, eyewear has been an important part of any iconic movie character. The Terminator is said to wear these glasses after he was forced to remove the flesh covering on one of his eyes. To protect them from further damage, he invested in a pretty awesome pair of glasses that’s still creating a buzz in the movie world. 

5. Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future shows off a pair of glasses that we all dream about - smart glasses that let you watch TV anywhere. You know that moment when you’re watching a good show, but it’s time for dinner? These glasses are the perfect solution; just bring ‘em to the table and watch your favorite show while devouring a delicious meal. 

6. Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt rocked a pair of nearly impossible to imagine smart glasses in the early 2000s. But now, the glasses don’t seem too far-fetched. With the ability to transmit video, scan secret documents with microLED optical waveguide technology, and self-destructing abilities, these badass glasses are what every action movie lover needs. 

Although the everyday person doesn’t need a pair of these, some brands are out there trying to reconstruct the Mission: Impossible glasses (if you feel like breaking the bank to get a pair).

7. Surrogates

Surrogates is a comic book series that features a pair of smart glasses that allow you to live out your life in robot form. Humans use surrogates to live in an idealized world that can do them no harm - all thanks to the futuristic glasses.

Taking smart glasses to the next level, Surrogates shows what the world would be like if we lived our lives as someone else…. Hint, it’s not great!

Whilst the super smart glasses featured in movies may be a little far away in becoming reality; you can have smart glasses in your life today: the Lucyd glasses!

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