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Simplify Your Life With Lucyd Bluetooth Glasses

From Guest Writer, John Andrews, Shopper Marketer | 2X Founder/Co-founder & Advisor

One positive thing the pandemic has given us is a desire to simplify our lives. From online ordering to decluttering to working from home, many are seeking easier paths. Like many homebound people during Covid, we decided to renovate our home to make it more functional and easier to live. We had talked about doing some updates for several years but never really did anything about it. That all changed in April and May of last year as we stared at our orangish-hued Red Oak floors, and different color and style cabinets from a previous owner’s remodel. Our home was also choppy in its layout as was the style when it was built in the early 90s. Last summer we decided to take the plunge and begin the design process.

Kitchen Remodel Network

One of the things we decided was important in the process was networking our home controls. Lighting, appliances, sound and security can all now be integrated into home design creating new living experiences. We’ve been piecemealing these technologies the past few years with things like Nest Thermostats and Smoke Detectors, Hue Lighting and Sonos Speakers, and wanted to add more foundational networking into our updates. Halo Lighting fits the bill for integrating lights through the fixtures, not just the bulbs like Hue. Likewise, most of our appliances can be networked as well for monitoring and maintenance purposes.

Networking Your Home

The main reason I like a networked home is the ability to move to voice control. I enjoy using Alexa and Siri to manage lights, entertainment and even our garage door. With the added convenience of Lucyd Bluetooth glasses, I can do that from anywhere in my home or yard without access to one of the base units. Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Glasses connect to my Apple watch and give me complete control of virtual assistants. I also use them to listen to books, music, and even CNBC through my YouTubeTV subscription. I can even direct our Roomba to start cleaning.


charging drawer

We added a few features that we had seen in design mags, and shows, like a charging drawer to help keep our home decluttered. The clean and simple look is definitely something that we are seeking in all of our living spaces, and in our lives in general. The Lucyd Lyte Life is design thinking in the real world. Simplify, Remove Friction and Enjoy!

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