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Should You Listen to Music With Bluetooth Glasses While Reading?

music while reading

All true book lovers know that when you really, truly love the world of a story, you don't simply put the book down. A rich and vivid fictional world is worthy of full immersion. Ask your favorite bibliophile about their book playlists, and you'll soon find yourself with hours of carefully curated music to get you in the mood for book club!

You don't need to be a bookworm to reap the benefits of listening to music while reading. There are scientific reasons why a soundtrack might make your reading time more productive, too. The brain and memory are both complex, and learning how to hack them can be key to success and productivity at work or school. 

That's where Lucyd Smart Glasses come in. These trending Bluetooth glasses make it easier than ever to grab your favorite reading glasses and jam out! Read on to learn about why listening to music while reading is a habit worth developing!

Music Eases Anxiety

Have you ever had to cram for a major exam? I'm willing to bet that you can recall your stress and anxiety more vividly than you recall any of the information you hustled to recall before the big test. As it turns out, stress has a negative impact on your brain's ability to recall and process information.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has conducted studies linking music with stress reduction in all individuals. A lot of the effects are physical. Music can lower both your blood pressure and heart rate in moments of excess anxiety!

If you're reading for work rather than for pleasure, listening to music while you read is a great way to enhance your brain's ability to focus. When your body is no longer focused on pumping blood around your body, it can send that energy toward your brain instead. 

Music Increases Attention

A study out of Stanford University has found that music has an effect on your mind's ability to pay focused attention.

This isn't the case for all music, however. Researchers noticed the effect in compositions from the nineteenth century. It was mostly music by the rockstars of the classical music world: Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.

It all has to do with the way these brilliant composers organized the compositions themselves. They encourage your brain to seek order and to focus.

If you read while listening to classical music, you may find it easier to pay attention to the material. We know this because, during imaging tests, specific areas of the brain lit up when researchers played classical music. 

Music Boosts Reading Performance

While you may feel compelled to pump up the volume and play air guitar while you read, the truth is that some background music might be equally effective. This is especially true if the music is music you like. In essence, if the song makes you happy, your brain will be happy!

Studies have shown that background music with positive associations makes individuals more productive. During tests, students who heard background music were able to answer a higher number of questions in a given time period. 

When your brain hears music, it perceives it as a cognitive challenge. The more you listen to music, the more comfortable your brain will become with processing it. Musical brains are better at decoding and problem solving, making musical individuals stronger readers (and better at reading music). 

In essence, listening to music before, during, and after reading all have a net positive effect on your ability to focus, read, and recall information!  

Enjoy Music While Reading With Music Glasses

Lucyd Smart Glasses are one simple way to listen to music while you read. Each pair of glasses has a pair of Bluetooth speakers embedded into the frame. All you need to do is pair your glasses with your phone and you'll be able to listen to your favorite playlist, no headphones necessary!

The speakers are flush into the arms of the glasses. This makes them unobtrusive, and puts the speakers right where you need them! The frames are lightweight and comfortable and come in an endless combination of styles and colors. 

If you've spent your childhood reading with a flashlight after lights out, you might be a little bit nearsighted or farsighted by now. Whatever the case, you don't need to worry about vision. Lucyd RX glasses come with your prescription built-in. 

Even those of us who use cheaters or reading glasses have awesome and attractive options. You can order your Lucyd RX music glasses with readers, progressives, or standard correction. For those with 20/20 vision, the trending tech for your eyes comes without a prescription, too. 

Both prescription and non-prescription Lucyd glasses provide you with UV protection. Imagine bringing your tunes along while studying on the beach or at the park. Indoors or outdoors, these attractive smart glasses have you covered. 

Good Books and Great Tunes

You can reap the benefits of listening to music while reading anywhere you go when you take your music glasses along with you! Lucyd Smart Glasses are the perfect accessory for the bookworm and the music lover alike. Sit back and relax while the music makes you calmer, smarter, and more focused - and look great doing it!

Ready to grab a pair of Lucyd smart glasses and head for the library? Start by browsing our store and picking out your perfect combination of frame shape and colors! They are the perfect gift for the tech-loving book lover in your life! 

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