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Replace Those Headphones! Bluetooth Glasses Make Outdoor Activities More Enjoyable

–Lucyd Lyte “Open Ear” Bluetooth Glasses delivers a new type of music/audio experience

Lucyd Lyte Skier

I’ve been working with the Lucyd Eyewear Team the past few months helping them map their “path-to-purchase” ecommerce model, but didn’t truly understand the power of their glasses until I received my pair a few weeks ago.

Lucyd Lyte

First, being an Apple guy… Lucyd’s packaging is on that level. Unboxing and onboarding was a smooth process following their simple instructions. The glasses came with a USB charging cable, and a cool foldable carrying case.

I did charge the Lucyd Lyte glasses before pairing them to my iPhone because we were going skiing the next day and wanted them at 100%. Other than that, they paired quickly and only took me like a minute to play around with the two control buttons on each side of the frame, which makes it easy to turn the volume up and down along with answering phone calls etc.

Lucyd Lyte Unboxing

The rest of the day I found myself not being able to put them down. I fired up Spotify and started enjoying this new open ear music experience. My family was getting tired of me asking if they can hear the music? I played the music low and they had no idea.. Then cranked it and they could. Those little speakers are powerful. The positioning are close to your ears, but it’s wild because it feels like the music is literally coming through the shades.

I’ve been skiing since 1977… A witness to those long ass skis and banana colored boots. The 80’s introduced the Sony Walkman into our lives and music was mobile, my parents hated it. I’ll never forget this one time we were in the ski lift line waiting to get on and this older teenager had a Walkman on with those big headphones, you could hear his music cranked. He was a single rider and got paired up with another couple. Well, something happened and the couple wasn’t ready to get on the lift when it was their turn. The kid with the headphones was oblivious and went anyway. When he turned around to look for the lift he realized the couple wasn’t there, he tried to avoid the lift but it tagged him pretty good knocking him down. The lift was shut down until the Ski Patrol provided treatment and removed him. My parents give me a tap on my should and said “see why you don’t wear those headphones?” After that I never ski’d with headphones.

Until Now…

I spent an entire day skiing with the Lucyd Lyte bluetooth speaker glasses and loved every minute of it. The instructions list the battery life at 6.5 hours… I would say my glasses went closer to 7.5 hours that day and in 20 degree weather. No trouble in the lift line, chairlifts, and most importantly ongoing conversations with my son. In fact, a few times he asked me what song is on now? It’s true freedom not being walled off from the outside world, like I said earlier it’s like when you’re out enjoying a conversation over dinner or drinks while your favorite music is on in the background.

Spotify List

Another great feature is being able to connect with your phones digital assistant. That day the Browns were playing in the second round of the playoffs and I was able to tap a button and ask Siri for the score while skiing downhill going 30 mph!

Lucyd currently offers two frame styles: Lyte Wayfarer with a bunch of lens selection options. Non-prescription, Standard Prescription, Progressive Prescription, or Readers.

Then more options like Polarized Sunglass (which I got and is standard), non-polarized, silver mirror, anti-reflective clear, blue light clear, blue light+ yellow, transitions. Colorized option are red, green, blue, purple, and pink.

One more thing I’d like to add… Lucyd Lyte glasses are light! They fit my head perfectly and comfortable enough to wear them all day skiing.

I think I might need to pick up another pair with those blue light lens for my everyday work.

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