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Reducing Screen Time To Help Your Eyes

Many people are concerned about their eyesight, especially when it comes to the amount of time they spend on digital devices such as computers and smartphones. This is a valid concern because many studies highlight how spending too much time in front of screens can affect your sight. 

But, don't worry! There are some things you can do to reduce screen time while still enjoying all the benefits that come with using them. One of the major benefits of using Lucyd glasses is that they block out blue light emitted from excessive screen use. There’s also the fact that they’re able to be fitted with prescription lenses to ease eye strain.

This blog post will talk about ways people who work at a computer all day or use technology frequently can take care of their eyes while still enjoying all the benefits of tech. 

Why you should opt for low screen time

If you're like most people, the idea of limiting screen time is a difficult one. It’s hard to imagine life without social media and Netflix! But there are some really good reasons to limit our time on devices. 

Firstly, it's not healthy for your eyes - so many people spend hours in front of their screens during the day. That’s bad news for your vision health, especially if you work at a computer all day long. However, if you’re someone who is required to spend large amounts of time on a screen, then prescription glasses are a solution that can block harmful blue light and correct your vision.

Secondly, you'll get more sleep if you spend less time on your screen. A study found that when volunteers cut back on their nighttime phone use before bedtime, they slept better and felt less tired during the daytime. 

And lastly, you'll have more free time. When we take too much screen time, we don’t have time for the things that bring us joy. A cool thing about Bluetooth smart glasses is that you can still partake in thrilling activities like snowboarding, hiking, or mountain biking and still get your fix of interesting podcasts. 

reducing screen time with bluetooth glasses

How to reduce screen time with smart glasses

It's the 21st century; we're living in an age where screens are more prevalent than ever before. But, you can take steps to reduce phone usage while still having access to the everyday world through your smartphone.

  • Hands-free functionality of Bluetooth smart glasses

Bluetooth glasses are an excellent solution to limit phone use for busy bees who tend to spend a lot of time on calls, sending emails, or browsing the web.   

Lucyd Bluetooth smart glasses come fitted with dozens of useful voice commands that don’t require you to be on a screen. One of which includes the ability to use Google - simply ask your question, and you’ll get a response from a voice assistant.

Other smart features that encourage less screen time include:

  • Send a voice message to (contact)
  • Call me an Uber
  • What is the time
  • Get me directions to (location)
  • Take a memo
  • Send a text to (contact)
  • Check my mailbox
  •  Find (cuisine type) food nearby

*To view a full list of smart features, you can view the Lucyd manual here.

  • Smart glasses let you take a break from your phone

It’s easy to imagine just leaving our phone behind and taking a cellphone sabbatical, but if we’re being realistic, our phones go everywhere with us. Partly because we always need to be contactable for friends, work, and family. With smart glasses, you can spend less phone time by keeping your cell tucked away in your pocket and simply relying on your glasses to keep you in contact with the world by answering and making calls. 

Decrease screen time with the touch control features found on the arms of the glasses, which provide extra convenience when pausing/playing sounds, skipping tracks, initiating voice assistance, and making/accepting calls. 

  • Hands-free posting and messaging with Vyrb

Vyrb App is a life-changing program that uses voice assistance to post, schedule and engage on social media. Through programs like Siri and Alexa, you can create, share, hear and respond to posts without having to be on your phone. 

On top of being a social media wizard, Vyrb also allows for hands-free messaging so you can always respond to customers and clients, which essentially helps build a trusted relationship.

Benefits of prescription Bluetooth glasses to reduce screen time

Often when we spend hours staring at a screen, we’ll start to notice our eyes feel heavy and tired. Individuals may also begin to experience tension headaches and neck pain due to eye strain and sitting in uncomfortable positions in order to see the screen better. Lucyd smart glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses to ease eye strain - you simply need to enter your prescription when placing an order.   

Another benefit is the lack of wires. We're all familiar with the annoyance of wearing glasses and having our earbuds constantly get tangled. With prescription glasses, you can still wear your required lenses, but you eliminate the need to wear glasses with tangly earphones. 

Finally, many people resort to contact lenses if they need to use a screen all day. However, prescription glasses require a lot less care than wearing contact lenses. If you don’t clean your contacts regularly, you might end up with serious eye infections. With all the cool features of Bluetooth prescription glasses, the need for contact lenses disappears. 

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