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What Questions Have We Been Asked About Lucyd Glasses?

We know that regardless of whether you call Lucyd a retailer of bluetooth glasses, audio glasses or smart glasses; you won’t have seen too many products like them before because the technology is still so new and is still emerging across the world.

While we love being the pioneers of prescription bluetooth glasses and audio sunglasses, we also know that this comes with quite a few questions as you try to understand what your Lucyd’s can and can’t do.

Below we’ve copied some of the questions that we’ve answered over on Amazon to help people to understand our frames, tech and spec better.

We hope it helps…

Can you switch out the lenses in Lucyd’s?

Yes, you can pop them out easily from the backside of the lens, and pop in the new ones from the front side. If you are looking for Rx prescription lenses, you can reach out to your local optician, or you can shop them right here on 


Can I hear them when resting on top of my head?

Our speakers are located in the back of the arms of the glasses. If they rest on your hat or on the top of your head, you will still be able to hear a phone call or music from the speakers.

Do Lucyd frames work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, our glasses can be supported by any voice assistant including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

I have a thin face, what frames will suit me best?

We suggest the Nitrous or 0° models as they are the smallest frames, but we are adding new frames and styles all the time including our Nautica brand, which you’ll be able to check out in 2023.

Which frames are made for wide faces?

Our longest width styles consist of our wayfarer (Darkside, Eclipse, Lytening) and round (Moonshot, Moonbeam, Sunbeam) styles. Each of those styles have a 143mm width making it our largest frame to date.

Can Lucyd’s connect to my Xbox controller?

The way you can use our glasses with Xbox is through the Xbox live app. If you use that from your phone you can connect to the glasses and still be in the chat.

Are Lucyd’s waterproof?

The glasses are IP56 rated-splashproof. They are fine in rain or sweat but don't submerge them or swim with them on.

Are Lucyd’s compatible with Android phones?

Yes, they work with almost all Bluetooth compatible devices. Get in touch if you want to check any specific android device and we can help you understand.


We are pleased to have hopefully answered some of the questions you might have about Lucyd’s. If we haven’t quite answered all of your questions feel free to email us or drop us a Live Chat. 

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