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Pro Golfer Chris Clark Joins the Lucyd Eyewear Team as a Sports Brand Ambassador

Pro Golfer Chris Clark Joins the Lucyd Eyewear Team as a Sports Brand Ambassador

A Diversity, Inclusion & Outreach focused Initiative bringing Educational Mentorship

Professional Golfer Chris Clark

MIAMI, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lucyd Eyewear announced today that professional golfer Chris Clark has joined its team as a brand ambassador. The latest Lyte bluetooth audio glasses released this past January has made major inroads within the "in motion" demographic for the brand. Clark's goal is to become an ambassador of diversity and a role model within the game of golf. As the game continues to grow, the number of minority golfers from America on the PGA tour remains the same. He hopes to show younger minority golfers that it's never too late. If you make the choice to work hard and follow your dreams, you can do and accomplish whatever you want in life. 

"I'm thrilled to join Lucyd because of their commitment to improving the vision of people worldwide. Lucyd's partnership with the charity New Eyes, which empowers children and adults with the opportunity to pursue a better quality of life, directly aligns to my goals and beliefs," said Chris Clark.

"We're excited to collaborate with Chris as he embarks upon his journey to the PGA Tour," said Calvin Peters, CMO Lucyd Eyewear. "He's an inspiration not only to minority athletes breaking through inherent barriers within Pro Golf, but to all the up-and-coming talent striving through elite competition with limited resources. At Lucyd, we live a similar dream of upgrading the world's eyewear against the odds, and we know the intense dedication it takes to make it a reality."

Chris will kick off his 2021 season out in the desert for the US Open Qualifier followed by State Open Tournaments before PGA tour qualifying school this fall. You can follow him on Instagram @chrisclark1010.

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About Chris Clark
Chris began playing golf whenever he was not in the office, logging countless practice hours in the evenings at driving ranges and on the weekends. That passion turned into competing and now more than 10 years later, Chris discovered his ability to compete at the professional level.

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