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Now... Get The Gift You Really Wanted

Now... Get The Gift You Really Wanted

Retailers are bracing for a return and exchange season they’ve never seen before. As the “2020 Disruption” exploded online shopping, so have the inevitable returns volume. One analyst estimates that retailers should be prepared for returns volume to rise 50% or more. Couple this with a huge amount of gift cards given this year and the good news for shoppers is that they have a huge trove of “found spending power’ to get what they actually wanted for the holidays. 

Gifting works in mysterious ways. 

One of the most unique gifts this year is also one of the most useful, bluetooth glasses. A quickly growing part of the wearables trend, bluetooth glasses combine hands-free listening and voice controls with an open-ear audio experience that leaves the wearer feeling connected to the environment around them. Lucyd Eyewear, a pioneer in bluetooth e-glasses, has just released its second generation of bluetooth audio frames; the Lucyd Lytes.

There are many things you could spend your newfound gift bounty on, but few as versatile as these stylish specs. There are many new connectivity experiences offered by open-ear listening that are fundamentally different from using earphones, all add to your overall experience, convenience, and style.

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