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New Affiliate Program Incentives

Hey #lucydfam! 

For our awesome affiliates, we are introducing a new tiered incentive program, to help motivate you to share about Lucyd and get more money!

If you haven't already, you can signup for our program at For a quick recap:

1. You get 7% cashback on any purchases made through your link (stays active for 90 days once first followed). 
2. When you get a store to purchase a reseller kit, notify us at for a $150 cash bonus. Reseller kits cost $99 and can be ordered directly through this link. We want to expand our distribution network as much as possible, so this is the fastest way to rack up cash.
3. When a store purchases a reseller kit, you get 7% of all sales made to that reseller for the following year. This is a great opportunity to earn some recurring revenue!

Now for the new rewards tiers: 

Level 1: Basic program
Level 2: Sell 10 pairs of glasses or five reseller kits. Commissions rise to 8% for #1 & #3 and $160 for #2. 
Level 3: Sell 25 pairs of glasses or 10 reseller kits. Commissions rise to 9% and $170 AND we'll send you a free Lucyd shirt and free pair of any frame of your choice. 
Level 4: Sell 50 pairs of glasses or 20 reseller kits. Commissions rise to 10% and $180. 
Level 5: Sell 100 pairs of glasses or 40 reseller kits. Commissions rise to 11% and $190. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know at or join the community on Telegram. Take care!


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