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Lyte featured by pro athlete Alexandra Height

Lyte featured by pro athlete Alexandra Height

Hey fam, check out the latest influencer review of Lyte on IG!

Lyte is a great workout partner, offering the convenience of your glasses and open-ear audio in one. Tired of your headphones getting tangled in the treadmill handles, or during your reps? Tired of Airpods popping out during a hard run? Lyte is the perfect solution! Try our unique, patented Bluetooth eyewear risk-free for 7 days. Love it or your money back!

Got your Lyte? Don't forget to leave a review and support your favorite up-and-coming smart eyewear company. Review Lyte Wayfarer here and Lyte Round here. When you leave a photo review, let us know and we'll send you a $20 gift card to pick up some sweet accessories!

Want to see a new style of Lyte? Let us know! 

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