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Lucyd Sept. 19 mini-update, new Loud unboxing

Hello all, if you need help email Our latest release:

The Lucyd eshop is live at You can get bluetooth glasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses quickly and inexpensively. Use code 3RDEYE for 15% off. You can upload or enter your prescription on any product page, and even try on the frames in real time (on desktop). The eshop is brand new but already boasts a number of features that make it a great option for your next specs.

Comparative info believed accurate as of 9/20/18

The Lucyd Loud promo video is here: Help us out by giving it a share! Check out the new unboxing video by our friends at Coinvogue too, they give a nice recap of the project as a whole.

You can get LCD @ We are currently developing an LCD wallet app which will allow fee-free token transfers between Lucyd Loud users. Vocal coin transfers also planned.

For token event participants who still need to access their tokens, the LCD token portal is still at There is a link in eshop footer. Email us for help (or check our youtube for tutorial). 

For bounty hunters — We will soon be introducing an affiliate program where you can easily get $ by introducing your network to Lucyd. This will help us grow the community and the business. We’re also looking for influencers to try out our products, feel free to suggest a channel!

Lucyd is an eyewear company founded by the people, for the people. We want your feedback to make Lucyd serve you better. To this end we are offering a 35% off shopwide coupon to anyone who gets a Lucyd Loud and sends a detailed review to us at All glasses from the eshop have free returns, so you really have nothing to lose.

That’s all for now!

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