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Lucyd Eyewear Can Improve Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Hello Lucyd community,

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the smart eyewear revolution!

We have always been committed to making people's lives just a little bit easier with tech-enhanced eyewear. And based on statistics from Alert Today Florida and Car and Driver, a handsfree way to interact with our digital lives is needed now more than ever. Did you know that using your phone or listening to earbuds may increase your chances of being injured on the road? As pedestrians and motorists alike become more distracted by devices, the need to pay close attention to our surroundings has never been greater.

An article in Car and Driver estimates a 60% rise in pedestrian fatalities between 2009 and 2019. This precipitous rise highlights the need for a user-friendly solution to get people off their phones and focused on what's right in front of them. 

Similarly, a report from Alert Today Florida, a road safety organization in one of the states with the highest per capita pedestrian accidents, points to the alarming fact that a pedestrian is struck by a driver every seven minutes in America. 

These statistics reflect a more distracted population, one consumed by focusing on their next notification, their next text, their next song to play, rather than paying attention to their immediate surroundings. We believe Lucyd eyewear is a perfect remedy for this troubling situation, because not only does it allow you to stay connected to your digital life and critical information from the web, it does so in a way that doesn't draw your focus away from your immediate surroundings. Lucyd glasses deliver music, notifications, and navigation all with handsfree, open-ear speakers, so you can get the data you need and the music you want without missing a beat. The audio and touch-control interface provide a plethora of commands at the wearer's disposal, all without taking their eyes off the road for a second.

Additionally, Lucyd has begun development of the Vyrb mobile app, which will greatly expand voice accessibility options for mobile phones when used with or without Lucyd eyewear. The app makes it easy to share and experience social media content handsfree, by providing a new voice-based social platform. The app will also enable vocal interaction with text-based platforms. Finally, the app will enable programming of new voice commands for native voice assistants like Siri. Look out for more on the exciting Vyrb in the coming weeks. Vyrb is planned to launch in December 2020.

To do our part to help in the fight for road safety, we are offering $40 off all of our adult Bluetooth frames this month. Just use code SAFE at checkout to receive your discount. We are still shipping WORLDWIDE in the midst of the Covid Crisis. It's time to upgrade your eyewear. Pick up your Lucyd bluetooth glasses today.

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