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Lucyd Lyte Ranked Best Bluetooth Glasses for Clear Lens Use


best bluetooth sunglasses


The Best Bluetooth Sunglasses

Lucyd Lyte Sunglasses just won the "Best Clear Glasses" category featured by Their staff spent several hours evaluating 20 different pairs of bluetooth sunglasses. They measured features, technical specs, battery life, and online reviews. Also key factors were comfort, sound quality, microphone quality, design, ease of use, and how fast they could pair with your smartphone.

Their staff were blown away by the futuristic-feeling the bluetooth glasses have.

"It truly seems magical how the music comes out so clearly but discreetly." Direct Feedback - 10 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses

"The lucyd Lyte sunglasses are a stylish and discreet pair of Bluetooth audio glasses that frankly do not look like smart glasses at all. They have a much slimmer design compared to the competition, while still delivering decent sound quality that’s plenty loud. We appreciate that lucyd’s glasses come in several different color configurations to cater to your unique tastes.

Not only that, despite their lower $150 price, they feature an entirely water-resistant design, and they include polarized lenses and a microphone for taking phone calls." Continue Reading Full Review!


Their team of experts spends more than 400 hours per week researching products, conducting hands-on tests, interviewing industry pros, studying market research, reviewing customer feedback and writing up all our findings into digestible yet comprehensive reviews. - Continued...

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