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Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Speaker Glasses Helping Dads Stay Connected!

Chris Lewis, founder of Dad of Divas tested out ways to stay connected no matter what by trying out Lucyd Lyte bluetooth glasses. Why is this important? Well, as a dad, you are on call 24-7. This means you need to stay connected at times when you are on professional and personal time and you also need to keep your hands free.


Hey everyone! Chris Lewis from Dad of Divas. And some of you know, if you follow my social accounts that I tend to go on bike rides and I tend to go out with my daughters and we explore our area and it's a fun way to stay connected. And recently, I also told you about Lucyd Lyte audio glasses. That's the glasses that I'm wearing right now. Well, Lucyd Lyte speaker glasses, the thing that I really love about them is that they are Bluetooth. They are wireless as, I mean, any Bluetooth are, but they connect right into your phone. And while I'm riding my bike with my daughter, it's a great way to stay connected, even though, I definitely don't want us to be completely connected, because I want to stay connected with my daughter and be able to do things with her.

But that being said, if I want to have some music on, if I'm riding bike by myself, if I'm going on a ride but I know I've got a phone call coming in, I don't want to have to stop. And these glasses, do a great job of being able to allow for me to do just that. So, because they stay connected, I can take calls right from my glasses. I can listen to music. I can do things that I typically would be doing and do it without having to handle that much, have to change much of what I'm doing. So that being said, I've been really impressed with the Lucyd Glasses. I paid a little bit extra to get them connected in and to get the transition lenses, so you can see that they are a little bit darker right here. But I did that because I wanted to be able to make sure that I didn't have to change glasses too.

But I've been really impressed. I had people ask me about them, ask me what I thought about them because they see the blue light that are blinking on the sides and they're like, "What are those? Why are they blinking?" But that being said, I have to say, for a busy dad, for someone that is trying to stay connected while staying connected with their kids, this is definitely something that will help you do just that. So whether you're on a bike ride, out for a walk, in the woods, geocaching, whatever it might be, these bluetooth glasses help you stay connected to you your life as well as to your family. So if you've got any questions, let me know, but otherwise, have a great day!


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