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Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth... Bluetooth Sunglasses?

Originally posted on Fun. Simple. Freedom, by Monica Brady

Technology is an ever evolving thing, and something we have nearly all been affected by is the lack of headphone outputs on our mobile devices… Once they started getting rid of that that little spot we could all plug in to and have a private conversation, or listen to music, and even share music with, things went a little crazy. The big wireless headphones became a thing, especially noticeable in the sports world. Tiny wireless earbuds were everywhere, however, those things can fall out and get lost quite easily, and that’s never good when you’re in a crowd, or at an outdoor event.

Alex wearing bluetooth sunglasses

Enter, Lucyd Lyte. Sunglasses that do more than just block the sun. Haven’t heard of them yet? Read on!

We were sent a couple of pairs to try out, and help spread the word. I’ll let my girls go first, and then I’ll follow up with the nitty gritty. Keep in mind, they are almost 16 years old, and have different ideas of what’s cool and what’s not these days. HA!

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About Monica Brady

Monica Brady, is the Owner, and Author of Fun Simple Freedom. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1998, and is a work at home mother to her beautiful identical twin girls, Alexandra and Victoria. In 2009, they took a chance and moved cross country from California to coastal North Carolina, and have loved exploring their new home and life outside of the big city.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Lucyd. Monica received free product to test in exchange for our honest opinions

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