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Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses: A Safe Way to Consume Your Music or Other Audio While on the Go

According to published research, 2 in 3 people will ditch their workout or cut it short if they're without their headphones or earbuds. What's more, the most common response from millennial participants in the study was that a day without music was worse than a day without human interaction. Are you someone who enjoys listening to music while on the go? If so, you may have heard of some of the risks that come with headphone use when you're on the move. If you've been worried about the risk factors—or forgoing your dose of music while out and about because of them—we have some good news. Enter audio glasses.

Headphones and busy environments are not a safe mix and greatly enhance accidents, especially in settings with cars and traffic. However, you can wave these risks goodbye with Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses.

Thanks to their innovative design, Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses can be worn in loud and busy environments without compromising your hearing and sensory awareness levels.

Are you curious to know more about how these personal music listening devices work? Keep reading to find out why they offer a safe way to consume music while on the go.

Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses Allow Safe Music Enjoyment in Busy Environments

One of the primary dangers of earphones and earbuds is they reduce one's ability to hear external sounds. Designed to block out other sounds, earphones and buds make it hard to hear anything else but the music or audio you have playing.

At home, this is usually not a problem. However, as soon as you hit the road, not being able to hear surrounding noises becomes a hazard. If you are walking, running, or cycling in public, it's essential that you can hear what's going on around you. Otherwise, you run the risk of being in an accident.

According to statistics, up to 2 in 3 vehicle accidents involving pedestrians could be caused or exacerbated by headphone use. Headphones cause what is known as sensory deprivation, which increases the risk of accidents.

If you love listening to music while out and about, then previously this was bad news. Either you ensure your safety and forgo music or throw caution to the wind and pump up the tracks.

Fortunately, music lovers no longer need to make this choice.
Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses now makes it possible for you to enjoy your favorite music while at the same time keeping yourself safe.

The combination of open-ear playback and bone conduction technology ensures that wearers can still hear background sounds while being able to listen to music. This means you can walk, cycle, or jog next to the busiest highway or in the most bustling city centers without having to worry about endangering your safety.

Open-Ear Playback Reduces the Risk of Ear and Hearing Issues

Another area where the Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses offer enhanced safety is around ear health. According to the World Health Organization, earphone use is linked to hearing loss at loud audio levels.

Although low sound levels are considered safe when using headphones and earbuds, it's deceptively easy to allow the volume to creep up. The busier the environment, the louder you have to adjust your headphone volume levels.

Over time, this can pose the risk of eardrum damage and hearing impairment. Nobody wants to experience premature hearing loss.

Open-ear playback has the potential to reduce volume-related hearing risks. This is because there is a buffer of space between your eardrum and the sound source. Earbuds provide the least buffer, and headphones offer only a minimal amount.

In contrast, the open-ear playback on the Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses allows you to listen to your favorite tracks with a reduced risk of compromising your ears. To enhance your listening experience, the bone conduction drivers in the Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses provide an additional sensory stimulus to ensure you can enjoy your music while still being able to hear other surrounding sounds.

audio glasses

Audio Glasses Let You Conduct Easier, Safer Calls While on the Go

There are many cool things you can do with audio glasses. One of them is placing calls while on the move.

Most of us know that all-too-familiar scenario where we're juggling a call and a bunch of errands or tasks, with the phone jammed between our shoulder and ear.

Thankfully, you can now officially say goodbye to that signature phone-juggling neck cramp. With a pair of audio glasses, you can make calls while walking, running errands, driving, or doing chores around the house. You can even call an uber of Lift or transfer money, all while having your hands free.

Choose From a Range of Lens Options

Besides allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and podcasts while on the go, the Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses also come with a range of lens choices.

You can pick between sunglasses with built-in speakers or clear lenses—or have your prescription lenses fitted.

There are also two popular frame choices available. These are matt black and translucent.

Whatever your eyewear needs are, you can fill them. Whether you need sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth speakers or prescription audio glasses, Lucyd has an option for you. We even feature colored lenses for the fashion-forward.

Increase Your Safety and Convenience With Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Audio Glasses

If you want to listen to music and podcasts on the go, while still remaining safe and aware of your surroundings, then Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses are for you

A personal music listening device that keeps your hands free and your hearing senses open, the Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses are a revolution for active music lovers.

Besides this, the Lucyd Lyte Audio Glasses also cater to the busy multitasker who needs to stay connected while keeping their hands free.

Keen to check out our frame styles and lens options? Head on over to our store.

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