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Lucyd Lyte 2.0 Spring Collection Launch Event: ChatGPT AI Smart Eyewear Event

Lucyd® is disrupting the eyewear fashion world with the launch of its new Lyte 2.0 Spring Eyewear Collection, which made its first debut to the media, influencers and investors this past week in Wynwood at WYN 317 Art Gallery. Smart eyewear will never be the same— Lucyd’s newest Smartphone app debuted in the iOS and Google App stores, making its Smart Audio Sunglasses and Prescription glasses ChatGPT enabled. This is the first of its kind and no better than publicly traded technology fashion company, Innovative Eyewear Inc. to do it on a globally recognized landscape.

Dozens of stunning influencers, models, socialites, entertainers, entrepreneurs and media came together in Miami’s growing Wynwood district to attend Lucyd’s VIP Fashion Show Activation & Presentation at amidst beautiful art gracing the walls of  WYN 317 Art Gallery. This indoor and outdoor party celebrated the launch of Lucyd’s ChatGPT Smart audio eyewear— now the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence is hands-free and easily accessible within milliseconds via voice command. 

Singer and Miami influencer, Sarah Micheaa was spotted in attendance wearing a stylish pair of Lucyd sunglasses that are built with Bluetooth, four surround sound speakers, 12-hour battery life and voice control enabled. 
sarah micheaa at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
Lisa & Pylyp attended and walked the iconic purple carpet runway wearing ChatGPT enabled Lucyd Eyewear 
lisa and pylyp at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
Lucyd Runway Show Models
models at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
Nathalie Yordi & friend
nathalie at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
kate budzinski at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
michele pino and alessandra gold at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
Miami Fashion Influencer Sabel Locklear with other gorgeous Lucyd models and influencers 
sabel locklear and other influencers at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event
Fitness model and social media influencer, Calli Henley, hit the runway in style wearing Lucyd Smart Sunglasses 
calli henley at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event

Lexi Rae Gove

lexi rae gove at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event

TimurDC rocks a sleek pair of ChatGPT enabled sunglasses from Lucyd

timurdc at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event

 We would like to take the time appreciate to top local media members from Miami Magazine, Miami New Times and the Miami Herald for attending our fabulous debut event in tropical Miami!

Over 125 beautiful attendees enjoyed decadent food, premium cocktails, stunning art gracing the WYN 317 gallery and a live fashion show catwalk with vibrant beats by Miami’s very own, DJ Cardi

dj cardi at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event

Lucyd’s executive leadership team, co-founders and CEO, Harrison Gross, are seen in the photo below attending the launch of Lucyd’s new Smart Audio Eyewear and its Lucyd Smartphone app. Mr. Gross presented Lucyd’s patent-pending ChatGPT enabled Smart sunglasses and prescription eyewear line from the 2023 Spring Lyte 2.0 Collection in front of a buzzing crowd on Thursday evening, April 20th. From writing poems and books, to writing and verbalizing a witty marriage proposal to discovering where the best places to eat and party in Miami are, with a simple question posed to the glasses, in a matter of milliseconds, ChatGPT’s AI offers all the perfect answers right in your ear. Equipped with 4 surround sound speakers, Bluetooth, crisp dual mics, open ear audio and simple touch controls, Lucyd Smart Audio Glasses are redefining eyewear and the integration of AI in the daily lives of humans.

ceo of lucyd harrison gross with co founders at lucyd 2.0 spring collection launch event

Now Lucyd glasses cannot only offer consumers easy ways to listen to music, take and make calls, and use voice assistants to perform tasks, but it now can instantly help them tap into ChatGPT’s powerful AI hands-free. “From translating languages to looking up recipes and asking questions about pop culture, consumers will  receive audible answers in real-time via OpenAI’s ChatGP artificial intelligence. Consumers can verbally ask questions to ChatGPT through microphones seamlessly built into Lucyd glasses and hear the responses through stereo speakers. The Lucyd app is device agnostic and works with other hearables, including Apple’s AirPods®. Additionally, the app may also be used via a streamlined visual interface on any smartphone to enhance accessibility,” says Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear, Inc. 

This smart eyewear app launch integrating ChatGPT marks a major shift in the global fashion eyewear market. “With our new Lucyd app, which is free to Lucyd eyewear customers, we are continuing to make smart eyewear more accessible and functional. It’s our belief that a great pair of smart glasses is defined by three key factors: beautiful design, innovative technology, and functionality for all-day wear. The Lyte 2.0 eyewear collection successfully offers these attributes and now provides a fourth factor–access to the world’s most popular Artificial Intelligence assistant. By connecting to ChatGPT via voice command on Lucyd smart eyewear, users can access a wealth of detailed information on just about any subject, making it one of the most powerful mobile learning systems available,” Gross said.

Lucyd Lyte® 2.0 eyewear is available in 15 distinct styles, all of which are available with prescription or sunglass lenses, and offers the most robust and versatile line of smart eyewear in the global eyewear market. “Lucyd smart eyewear makes it easy to use ChatGPT by combining the strength of a natural language AI bot with the natural ergonomic interface of speaking and listening on a hands-free wearable device,” Gross continued.

With this latest debut, Lucyd Smart Eyewear is fusing AI technology and style to disrupt the eyewear fashion market thanks to its new audio and speaker enabled eyewear that seamlessly integrates and operates with ChatGPT via voice command through Siri or Google Voice. “Our Smart glasses go beyond listening to music or taking a phone call–Now consumers can go from stylish and smart to gifted, with audio ChatGPT integration available right in their ears,” said Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear Inc. 

Lucyd® is a globally recognized, award-winning tech eyewear brand which holds dozens of patents for its new eyewear brands, making it a competitively positioned company in the eyewear market.  “With proprietary technology and stylish designs made to elevate customers' eyewear experience, our eyewear is made to provide the ultimate combination of style and functionality,” Gross said.

The power of AI chatbots has become undeniable over the last year. Coupling it with an ergonomic, spoken interface makes it easier to realize its promise. It’s time to go beyond the QWERTY keyboard, popularized in 1873 with the introduction of the iconic remington typewriter. Conversations with AI chatbots are now voice enabled and available on-the-go through the entire Lyte 2.0 line.

Lucyd®’s Spring 2023 men’s and women's eyewear collection has the potential to make a serious dent in the fashion eyewear market, which is expected to hit $215 Billion by 2025. “Our latest generation of smart glasses combines sleek design with open-ear headphones, UV protection, prescription lenses and voice assistance into one innovative, lightweight eyewear product that are equally beautiful and functional," Gross said.

Lucyd’s quadrasonic speakers, open-air audio eyewear design are equipped with an ultra clear microphone, polarized UV 400 lenses and a 12-hour battery life. “Our R&D process enabled us to debut a seamless collection of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that easily work with the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence platform, ChatGPT. “This is something the Smart Eyewear market has yet to see and we’re excited to transform eyewear the way Smart watches were initially disrupted years ago by Apple,” Gross continued.  

The Apple iOs Lucyd App is live: 


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