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Lucyd Loud Featured On AppleInsider, Resource Center Open

Lucyd Loud Featured On AppleInsider, Resource Center Open

Hey #Lucydfam! Just a quick one today. Check out our new video review on Lucyd Loud here. It's a detailed unboxing and covers the finer points of the product, so if you aren't sure if Loud is right for you, it's a great place to start.

Ok, you've got your Louds--now how to get the max out of them? Check out our new Resource Center for FREE audiobooks, music and meditation MP3's, so you'll never run out of sweet stuff to play. It's also loaded with eye care info, and useful tips about Lucyd.

Don't forget all of our frames are half off until Dec 26th, so now is a great time to get Louds for you and yours. Give the gift of vision this season with Lucyd gift cards! Trust us, it's better than a sweater.

Want to share the Lucyd dream? Get 7% of your friends' and family's purchases when you get your referral link at

Thanks fam, have a great holiday! We're here when you're ready to UPGRADE.

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