Lucyd Lyte 2.0 Now Available!

Now with 12 hours of music per charge!

Charge your glasses, watch & phone together with the Dock!

Hey #Lucydfam! We're kicking the year off with some major press. First we were featured at CES in Vegas, now we got a shoutout in the Boston Globe newspaper! The Globe is widely read, and we appeared in both the Sunday print edition and in a lifestyle update on their e-paper. Check out the article here. Looking forward to spreading the word about our community-focused eyewear brand throughout 2019! You can also help share the Lucyd dream, just get your unique link at lucyd.leaddyno.com. This affiliate link pays you 7% cashback on your friends' purchases from Lucyd, so it's a great way to help them upgrade their eyewear AND make a few extra dollars!

Thanks fam and have a great week!