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Lucyd Looks To Give Back to Its Communities

Lucyd is on a mission to change how people interact with technology by creating affordable and fashionable products like Lucyd Lytes, their newest line of Bluetooth glasses.

New Eyes

The company is also very active in supporting the various communities it serves through donations and support. From the beginning, Lucyd has supported those in need through its donation of glasses frames to New Eyes, a charity dedicated to helping children and adults in need of eyewear. Lucyd donates a frame to New Eyes for each pair of Lucyd glasses sold.

Go Far Club

Lucyd is also seeking to support organizations aligned with their key user categories. For example, Lucyd recently made a donation of products to Go Far, an organization that promotes physical fitness, healthy nutrition and character development to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and chronic illnesses through after-school running programs. Lucyd hopes its products will help participants to achieve their goals and create a safer running experience through its open-ear listening technology.

In addition to its support of GoFar, Lucyd recently donated some of its "Sherman Shades", a limited edition product that Lucyd created with Richard Sherman, to local Miami high school. Harrison Gross, Lucyd’s Founder and CEO says, “It’s important for us to think about how we can give back to the community in ways that reflect our vision. We seek out opportunities large and small to make an impact through enhanced wearable technology and safe active lifestyles.”

Empowering Fathers

Finally, Lucyd is actively supporting its user and influencer community. In April, Lucyd partnered with Global Giving to help elevate the mission of Fathering Together to a global audience. As a part of this we are asking people, organizations, and more to go to Global Giving here: - to support Fathering Together as we promote its "Fathers as Caregivers" campaign. Supporting Fathering Together in this mission allows dads to start a journey to learn the skills that are needed to be great caregivers for their entire family. Fathering Together’s Chris Lewis recently shared his approach to staying connected with his family while using Lucyd glasses...


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