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Hey dreamers! We noticed a lot of you weren’t making it to the whitepaper FAQ, so here is a list of burning questions people tend to have about Lucyd. We care about our community, and we want you to have a solid grasp on our plan to deliver ergonomic smartglasses, and our means of doing so. If your question isn’t answered here, go to our contact page or hit us up on Facebook. Lucyd might seem complex at first, but we assure you our mission to make smartglasses fused with Ethereum technology is actually quite clear.

  • How much is the Lens?

Hi, we are planning to release Lucyd Lens in early 2019. The cost has yet to be determined.

  • Will Lens users be able to see my social media?

The glasses will only show data of other Lens users who opt-in to have their social media info public. Although the use of facial recognition tech will be possible, we are planning for identity-recognition via GPS/RFID proximity to other Lens users.

  • How do you think you stand a chance if the initial Google Glass was not successful? Or, how is your product different from Google Glass/Hololens?

Lucyd is very different from existing AR solutions because our tech is truly next-generation. Lucyd’s 13 AR patents were developed over a decade of well-funded research at the College of Optics and Photonics at UCF. Lucyd patents enable thin microdisplays for a richly textured, dynamically layered HD AR experience, unlike existing smartglasses that use a clunky external display and have grainy AR objects. This tech also enables Lucyd Lens to be the first smartglass that can be fitted with prescription lenses, and looks like a normal pair of glasses. Lucyd also has an advanced patent for real-world object detection, allowing its AR interface to smoothly intermingle digital content with the real world. Other notable Lucyd firsts are a dynamically adapting user interface that automatically adjusts to the task at hand, built in bone-conduction speakers, light leakage prevention and a 120° enhanced field of view over 3X larger than existing AR displays.

  • Will you be able to use the Lens like normal glasses, with no AR?

Yes, at any time while using Lens, you can simply say “Dream Deferred” (or a custom phrase) to disengage the AR and return to natural sight. We are also considering adding two additional features where you can also snap near the Lens or blink for three seconds to engage/disengage the AR interface.

  • What if a competitor releases mass market smartglasses first?

In our opinion, it doesn’t matter if someone else makes smartglasses—there are already several current on the market. But their user base is limited to the ultra-geeky. We strongly believe Lucyd Lens will be the first smartglass that works for everyone. This is because Lucyd’s 13 AR patents are significantly more advanced than other smartglass optics tech, and we have a team of world-class optics, blockchain and commercialization experts to make the dream come alive.

  • What computing system/chip is powering the Lens?

Thus far the optical system and front-end UX only are in development, we are evaluating hardware solutions now. But the Lens will start as a smartphone peripheral, harnessing it for processing power and data signal. Smartphone is the motherboard, Lens is simply the monitor and “cursor,” or input device, so the actual on-board computing power of the Lens will be limited to keep it light, stylish and comfortable.

  • Is Lucyd legal?

Yes, Lucyd is a registered Singaporean corporation. We have had our Singapore legal team review our documents to help ensure that we are totally compliant with financial & commercial regulation in Singapore.

  • How are you actually going to make the Lens (Or, how will you succeed where others failed)?

We have a roadmap for development of the product from start to finish, which you can see on our homepage at We also have a detailed breakdown of our action plan on our blog. We are dividing the Lens development into three core stages: hardware, firmware and software. The Lens is enabled by our breakthrough AR tech described in 13 patents we acquired the exclusive rights to, and our “Dream Team” of AR, optics, creative and commercialization experts.

  • What do the glasses actually do?

In short, enrich the visual experience by superimposing digital information over what you are seeing. Our goal is to have Lucyd Lens seamlessly support your daily life with useful information, and make it easier than ever before to access the Internet and your favorite apps. The novel Lucyd Lens interface will automatically adjust to fit the task at hand, based on te app you are using, so your eyes are on the real world when they need to be, and on AR objects when it’s appropriate. Lucyd will be there when you need it, and out of the way in the blink of an eye when you don’t. We believe this is what’s required for AR to go mainstream, and this is what we’re seeking to build.

  • When will the Lens be available?

We are expecting normal production models to be available in 2019. Help us build them at

  • Most of the applications that will run on the Lucyd platform will be created by 3rd party developers. How are you going to attract these developers to ensure your users have a substantial amount of content to enjoy?

Eventually, we hope to build a new AR app ecosystem from the ground up, which will be totally peer-to-peer, allowing developers to earn nearly all of the revenue generated from their content.

  • Tell me about your team!

Our team is made of optics, AR, finance and creative powerhouses from around the world, including eight Ph.D. scientists and executives. Our team also has Dr. Jannick Rolland, a world-renowned optics expert and the brilliant inventor behind 12 of Lucyd’s 13 smartglass patents. See for our bios!

  • Where is Lucyd?

Lucyd is based in Singapore but our team is global! Cofounders are in Miami, legal in UK/Singapore, and leading advisors across America and abroad. We’ve looked all over the world for the best and brightest to manifest the Lucyd dream.

  • I’m worried about privacy in a world where everyone is wearing smartglasses.

We care about making sure everyone feels safe around our product. Lucyd Lens will only show public, opted-in information of other Lens users whilein “Nav Mode,” the interface mode when you are walking around town. To clarify, the Lens only shows public profiles of other Lens wearers who have opted-in to sharing them. The Lens will also have a red LED on the front face by the camera, which must be on at all times whenever a photo or video capture app is open. All 3rd party apps must be approved by Lucyd, and meet stringent health and privacy measures to make sure Lens is useful and safe for everyone.

  • Tell me about the “Dream Team.”

The lead inventor behind Lucyd patents, Dr. Jannick Rolland, is a world-class optics expert, and is on hand as a Lucyd advisor. She is central to the hardware development. Dr. Rolland has already developed the central optical system that will be utilised by Lucyd. The optics team is led by Mike Kayat, who is a physicist and a business development executive with 20 years of experience in development and marketing in advanced optics. Dr Clifford Gross, Strategic Commercialization Lead, is an experienced executive and entrepreneur who founded three public companies and is a named inventor on 19 issued patents from his research. Jose Enrique Hernandez is the Blockchain Lead for Lucyd, and has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency, mining servers and Blockchain software spaces. Professor Hao Li is a Lucyd advisor, and a well-recognised AR expert. His work revolves around dynamic shape reconstruction, real-time facial and body performance capture, 3D hair acquisition and garment digitalisation. Konrad Dabrowski (CPA), Eric Cohen, and Harrison Gross are the cofounders of the project, and are the Financial, App Development and Media leads respectively.


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