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Lucyd in Brief, a comprehensive introduction

Lucyd in Brief

There’s a reason you don’t own smartglasses yet. There are many hurdles in the way of truly user-friendly augmented reality displays. At Lucyd, we have assembled an expert team and a portfolio of powerful of technologies to solve the biggest problems in AR.

We have 13 breakthrough AR patents that form a blueprint for Lucyd Lens, a pair of lightweight, next-gen smartglasses. Our technology comes from years of research by leading AR experts at the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida. Some of the issues in currently available AR devices that Lucyd Lens aims to solve are clunky form factors, narrow EFV (enhanced field of view), latency issues, light leakage, poor eye tracking, difficult controls, connectivity issues, high eye strain, and incompatibility with corrective lenses.


The Lucyd Tech Advantage

The foundation of Lucyd is our 13 patents, which came from the premier optics R&D facilities at UCF. Furthermore, the lead inventor of our patents, renowned optics researcher Dr. Jannick Rolland, is on hand as a Lucyd science advisor. With these groundbreaking technologies and our cutting-edge optics and AR team, we are attempting to create the next big thing in AR. Lucyd Lens will be the world’s first compact, comfortable AR display, with these notable advantages derived from our patents:

  • Lightweight, unibody smartglasses that look and feel like regular specs, unlike currently available AR devices that draw unwanted attention to the user.
  • Unique freeform optics that optimize the enhanced field of view and auto-adjust to lighting conditions.
  • Multiple control options including voice, eye tracking and finger detection.
  • Advanced object detection for next-gen, spatially accurate AR interface.
  • Compatibility with prescription lenses for acute natural and enhanced vision in one.

Lucyd’s patent portfolio covers several core technology areas in the Lucyd Lens prototype, such as eye tracking and flush microdisplays. With its myriad features, Lucyd Lens will overcome many of the issues encumbering the AR space. It will provide realistic depth perception, with spatially accurate AR applications where real and virtual objects freely, cooperatively intermingle.

Several features that we believe make Lucyd Lens an evolutionary leap in AR:

  1. A flush, unibody design for a discreet, sensible look.
  2. All circuitry is contained within the stems, so it looks and feels like just a regular pair of glasses.
  3. Can be outfitted with prescription lenses.
  4. Lens-integrated, stereoscopic LCD microdisplays with a long battery life and transparent interface.
  5. Harnesses the computing power and data stream of iOS/Android smartphones to keep Lucyd lightweight, and to let you experience your favorite apps more comfortably in AR.
  6. Integrated microphone and bone-conducting speakers for easy calling and voice control.
  7. Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers and keyboards.
  8. Integrated front camera for photo/video capture and object detection.
  9. Customizable interface navigation with eye tracking, voice control, and finger tracking input options.
  10. High resolution, with up to an extraordinary 120° enhanced field of view.
  11. No buttons, switches or wires. Clean, simple and fun.

The Dream Team

Lucyd has assembled a multitalented, experienced team to make Lucyd Lens smartglasses and the Lucyd Lab blockchain a reality. A unique combination of advanced AR scientists, successful entrepreneurs and blockchain pros gives Lucyd the tools it needs to develop a next-gen interactive AR display.

Our Optics Lead has over 20 years of experience in development and marketing of advanced optics, as well as successfully deploying disruptive optics technologies. Our Commercialization Lead is an ergonomics expert and entrepreneur with 19 assigned patents and expertise in innovation, development and commercialization. Our Blockchain Lead brings extensive cryptocurrency and information security experience, including mining servers, blockchain logistics and network defense. Our App Development Lead has the web architecture experience needed to develop the Lens interface and Lab ecosystem. Our Media Lead has the tools necessary to build and refine the Lucyd user experience. Finally, our Finance Lead is a CPA with the oversight abilities needed to see the project through on time and on budget. Lucyd also has an advisory panel of renowned AR and optics researchers. Among its talent, Lucyd counts five Ph.D.’s with relevant and complimentary skills.

Altogether, our team members’ awards and distinctions include: Fast Company “Innovation by Design” Award, Qualcomm Innovation Fellow, Google Faculty Research Award, and the Forbes “Top 30 Scientists Under 30,” among many others.

Standard development tools will be available in the Lucyd Lab app to allow new AR content to be made via the smartglasses themselves. Our goal is to increase functionality of the Lucyd Lab app over time, such that entirely native apps can be made, uploaded and sold all on a peer-to-peer network that is accessed solely via Lucyd Lens. This will free developers from the heavy fees levied by current app ecosystems, and free Lucyd from the constraints of backwards compatibility with smartphone interfaces. However, in its early stages Lucyd Lens will be benefit from the processing power and content management systems of smartphones.

Lucyd wants to change the way you see the world. Our goal is to make the first interactive wearable AR display that mass market consumers will love to use. Lucyd Lens has the potential to transform the way we work and play, making every computing task quicker and easier. Lucyd Lens also has fully customizable functionality, input and display options to appeal to the widest possible audience. Smartglasses are the future, and Lucyd is poised to pave the way forward in AR. The cloud, right before your eyes—that is the Lucyd dream.


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